Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Best Anime Intro. in Awhile!

Hey! Finals over half over, so can't wait till tomorrow night when it is all over forever! Though at this point I don't have a job, so I have to go back to community college at this point to keep my health insurance, at least until January. Though mot totally happy with my choices, but I am only there Monday and Wednesday and I'm done by 2 so it's all good there. Taking Account I, Thinking, Problem Solving, Team Building, Intro to Political sci, and modern social problems. Wanted to take drawing, and comp graphics, but there not offered at the campus I go to :(
So I started watching Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (half way through) I must say it is a rather stressful/depressing show that I should not have started during finals week lol. Also Arakawa Under the Bridge had a new intro this week, which totally rocks, see it below.

Manga wise still working on Love*Com about halfway through it, planning to finish up next week sometime and then start W Juliet.
Programming wise I am fixing up a few more bugs and finishing a few more things, and then I should be able to move onto the summon system. Once that is done then the player stuff is all done, and just need to get the enemies working, which will be quite entertaining. Well I think that is all I have to say, enjoy.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Final Finals

So tomorrow begins Final weeks for me, and they will be my last finals I ever take probably :D Posting here cause I have no motivation to study right now, even though I should be studying... Only final I'm worried about though is tomorrows final (BioChem II), but even if I get a 20% on it I definitely get a C, and I only need a 60% to get a B. Other then that one both of my other 2 finals are easy, thoguh the one for Wednesday I will have to review some for. Enough about school, I want it to end already.
So I bought Record of Agarest War for PS3 took 1 day to download it, which wasn't bad for 10gbs. Took me an hour to get used to it, but now that I am I really have been enjoying it quite a bit though so far I'm only 2 hours into it or so. I still feel like some of the features I can't use yet, but I could be wrong there, I really know very little about the game. I really haven't run into the sim dating elements yet, but I did meet the 1st (of 3) girls, and probably the one I'm going to go after. Can't wait to get back to playing it :D Oh and how could I forget I got my 1st platinum trophy in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Programming wise the speed system I think is almost done being modded, though I still need to set it up to allow for haste, slow, etc... Not much else to say there, besides that.