Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Best Anime Intro. in Awhile!

Hey! Finals over half over, so can't wait till tomorrow night when it is all over forever! Though at this point I don't have a job, so I have to go back to community college at this point to keep my health insurance, at least until January. Though mot totally happy with my choices, but I am only there Monday and Wednesday and I'm done by 2 so it's all good there. Taking Account I, Thinking, Problem Solving, Team Building, Intro to Political sci, and modern social problems. Wanted to take drawing, and comp graphics, but there not offered at the campus I go to :(
So I started watching Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (half way through) I must say it is a rather stressful/depressing show that I should not have started during finals week lol. Also Arakawa Under the Bridge had a new intro this week, which totally rocks, see it below.

Manga wise still working on Love*Com about halfway through it, planning to finish up next week sometime and then start W Juliet.
Programming wise I am fixing up a few more bugs and finishing a few more things, and then I should be able to move onto the summon system. Once that is done then the player stuff is all done, and just need to get the enemies working, which will be quite entertaining. Well I think that is all I have to say, enjoy.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Final Finals

So tomorrow begins Final weeks for me, and they will be my last finals I ever take probably :D Posting here cause I have no motivation to study right now, even though I should be studying... Only final I'm worried about though is tomorrows final (BioChem II), but even if I get a 20% on it I definitely get a C, and I only need a 60% to get a B. Other then that one both of my other 2 finals are easy, thoguh the one for Wednesday I will have to review some for. Enough about school, I want it to end already.
So I bought Record of Agarest War for PS3 took 1 day to download it, which wasn't bad for 10gbs. Took me an hour to get used to it, but now that I am I really have been enjoying it quite a bit though so far I'm only 2 hours into it or so. I still feel like some of the features I can't use yet, but I could be wrong there, I really know very little about the game. I really haven't run into the sim dating elements yet, but I did meet the 1st (of 3) girls, and probably the one I'm going to go after. Can't wait to get back to playing it :D Oh and how could I forget I got my 1st platinum trophy in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Programming wise the speed system I think is almost done being modded, though I still need to set it up to allow for haste, slow, etc... Not much else to say there, besides that.


Friday, April 30, 2010

Record of Sim Dating

Hey! Well first off if you didn't know Record of an Agarest War came out on the 28th in the US for PS3 and 360. If you haven't heard of it is a JRPG, with sim dating elements, and a breeding system. So anyway just posting teh trailer I think that says all, well sort of. It seems to have been marketed as more of an Ecchi romance type game, instead of an RPG, the battle system from the little bits I've seen actually look fun. Well here is the video.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I never want to live Under a Bridge....well Unless a self proclamed aliens lives there

Well so first off Arakawa Under the Bridge is so epic lol. Random comedy is always fun. Tons of strange charters, one cute though strange girl and a normal perfectionist type guy. What more could be better?! Aside from bridges, gigantic formula I have been working on, so far it has been interesting though I'm expecting something big to happen at some point. I also started watching Flame of Recca, which is ok, but I can't say I totally like it though. It's kind of like Yu Yu Hakusho, expect the main character is weak.
Well manga wise I have been working on Lovely Complex, and enjoying it a lot. Hopefully next week I'll get to finish that up, and then finally get back to W Juliet. After that I have 2 more series at home to start from my 365 manga winnings, and 1 other series to read. I also want to get back to reading the Haruhi novels, but probably wouldn't get to that until vacation since those are easy to bring along compared to 12+ manga volumes. I also want to start getting and reading Kimi no Todoke, loved the anime and I have high hopes for the manga. I started getting Bunny Drop and Stepping on Roses, both of which I have read a good bit online, and totally loved.
Programming wise I added two new weapon types to Anime Affection, Curved Swords (Katana, Scimitar, etc...), and Tonfa or Boomerang still deciding there. I also have completed the selection system I think forever, and I did a few mods to the experience system. Next up is fixing the speed system, something major is wrong there, though not sure what yet. Then I basically need to get back to the summon system, which I'm hopping to get done by next week. Well that is all the new things to say, but lets end with a fun Haruhi AMV video, enjoy.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Love*Com or Love Comedy Style

Wonder how many people have read both of those...two totally different mangas lol. One is a comedy Romance one is a Comedy Romance borderline H manga. But both are fun though a bit odd sometimes.
Well Uncharted: Drakes Fortune is going great! I am about halfway though Crushing mode, and other then that I have about 5 more trophies to get so I might actually get my 1st platinum trophy this coming weekend :D And then I can move onto Uncharted 2. Uncharted was one of teh few recent games I have enjoyed enough to play multiple times through, I'm hopping Uncharted 2 is also like this.
Anime wise nothing new, just bought Air Gear, Coyote Ragetime Show, Welcome to the NHK!, and School Rumble 1 & 2 & OVAs for ~$100. Awesome deal, if I looked more I would have also had Kanon too, but I didn't look through everything.
Now on the manga front, I started getting Bunny Drop, and have also been working on catching up on One Piece. I have also started working on Love*Com (Lovely Complex), so far so good, though I have seen the anime, so so far it's nothing new really.
School wise I have 1.5 papers done, and 1.5 papers to go. Will be finishing the one up tomorrow, and then probably try to get halfway though the other by Tuesday sometime. And hopefully finish it early Thursday. Then it's just finals, and the year is over, and also college might also finally be over for me :D
Not much else to say here, I almost have the selection system re-worked, though I have yet to test it. Hopefully I will finish that up this week...hopefully. Also next week sometime I will be updating ZA&F probably. Oh and I finally made a quick blog title image and re-organized the theme a bit opinions?


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Of Couse the Hougyoku is a God Like Device

Well board this morning, and quite hungry too, so I figured guess I'll post here now, before I forget to again. Well first of Bleach just keeps going down the rabbit hole :p Naruto is getting interesting :D and One Piece is awesome as always :D :D But aside from that I read Family Game the past 3 days, I must say I enjoyed it, but there were bits that I personally felt didn't make a lot of sense, but it was a fun read either way. Next up is probably Love*Com, which I own all of, and just haven't had time to read it yet...stupid school. Haven't watched much anime as of late been a bit too load at my dorm to focus and I have 4 papers to do for next week.
Programming wise I have finished the revive system I think, and now I need to get the selection system done, which I think I have some code for, but it hasn't been tested/actually typed up yet. Hopefully that will be done by next week sometime. Then I need to re-test a few things and then I finally get to move onto the summoning system. Other then the battle system however I really haven't work on much of anything else. The ZA&F site update to v7 should be probably on May 4th or May 7th depending on how studying for finals goes. Not much actually let to say so I'll leave you with a fun video.

Also probably going to change the blog layout so that videos actually fit well.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fun Video Time

Fun Video, The Axis of Awesome.