Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Best Anime Intro. in Awhile!

Hey! Finals over half over, so can't wait till tomorrow night when it is all over forever! Though at this point I don't have a job, so I have to go back to community college at this point to keep my health insurance, at least until January. Though mot totally happy with my choices, but I am only there Monday and Wednesday and I'm done by 2 so it's all good there. Taking Account I, Thinking, Problem Solving, Team Building, Intro to Political sci, and modern social problems. Wanted to take drawing, and comp graphics, but there not offered at the campus I go to :(
So I started watching Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (half way through) I must say it is a rather stressful/depressing show that I should not have started during finals week lol. Also Arakawa Under the Bridge had a new intro this week, which totally rocks, see it below.

Manga wise still working on Love*Com about halfway through it, planning to finish up next week sometime and then start W Juliet.
Programming wise I am fixing up a few more bugs and finishing a few more things, and then I should be able to move onto the summon system. Once that is done then the player stuff is all done, and just need to get the enemies working, which will be quite entertaining. Well I think that is all I have to say, enjoy.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Final Finals

So tomorrow begins Final weeks for me, and they will be my last finals I ever take probably :D Posting here cause I have no motivation to study right now, even though I should be studying... Only final I'm worried about though is tomorrows final (BioChem II), but even if I get a 20% on it I definitely get a C, and I only need a 60% to get a B. Other then that one both of my other 2 finals are easy, thoguh the one for Wednesday I will have to review some for. Enough about school, I want it to end already.
So I bought Record of Agarest War for PS3 took 1 day to download it, which wasn't bad for 10gbs. Took me an hour to get used to it, but now that I am I really have been enjoying it quite a bit though so far I'm only 2 hours into it or so. I still feel like some of the features I can't use yet, but I could be wrong there, I really know very little about the game. I really haven't run into the sim dating elements yet, but I did meet the 1st (of 3) girls, and probably the one I'm going to go after. Can't wait to get back to playing it :D Oh and how could I forget I got my 1st platinum trophy in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Programming wise the speed system I think is almost done being modded, though I still need to set it up to allow for haste, slow, etc... Not much else to say there, besides that.


Friday, April 30, 2010

Record of Sim Dating

Hey! Well first off if you didn't know Record of an Agarest War came out on the 28th in the US for PS3 and 360. If you haven't heard of it is a JRPG, with sim dating elements, and a breeding system. So anyway just posting teh trailer I think that says all, well sort of. It seems to have been marketed as more of an Ecchi romance type game, instead of an RPG, the battle system from the little bits I've seen actually look fun. Well here is the video.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I never want to live Under a Bridge....well Unless a self proclamed aliens lives there

Well so first off Arakawa Under the Bridge is so epic lol. Random comedy is always fun. Tons of strange charters, one cute though strange girl and a normal perfectionist type guy. What more could be better?! Aside from bridges, gigantic formula I have been working on, so far it has been interesting though I'm expecting something big to happen at some point. I also started watching Flame of Recca, which is ok, but I can't say I totally like it though. It's kind of like Yu Yu Hakusho, expect the main character is weak.
Well manga wise I have been working on Lovely Complex, and enjoying it a lot. Hopefully next week I'll get to finish that up, and then finally get back to W Juliet. After that I have 2 more series at home to start from my 365 manga winnings, and 1 other series to read. I also want to get back to reading the Haruhi novels, but probably wouldn't get to that until vacation since those are easy to bring along compared to 12+ manga volumes. I also want to start getting and reading Kimi no Todoke, loved the anime and I have high hopes for the manga. I started getting Bunny Drop and Stepping on Roses, both of which I have read a good bit online, and totally loved.
Programming wise I added two new weapon types to Anime Affection, Curved Swords (Katana, Scimitar, etc...), and Tonfa or Boomerang still deciding there. I also have completed the selection system I think forever, and I did a few mods to the experience system. Next up is fixing the speed system, something major is wrong there, though not sure what yet. Then I basically need to get back to the summon system, which I'm hopping to get done by next week. Well that is all the new things to say, but lets end with a fun Haruhi AMV video, enjoy.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Love*Com or Love Comedy Style

Wonder how many people have read both of those...two totally different mangas lol. One is a comedy Romance one is a Comedy Romance borderline H manga. But both are fun though a bit odd sometimes.
Well Uncharted: Drakes Fortune is going great! I am about halfway though Crushing mode, and other then that I have about 5 more trophies to get so I might actually get my 1st platinum trophy this coming weekend :D And then I can move onto Uncharted 2. Uncharted was one of teh few recent games I have enjoyed enough to play multiple times through, I'm hopping Uncharted 2 is also like this.
Anime wise nothing new, just bought Air Gear, Coyote Ragetime Show, Welcome to the NHK!, and School Rumble 1 & 2 & OVAs for ~$100. Awesome deal, if I looked more I would have also had Kanon too, but I didn't look through everything.
Now on the manga front, I started getting Bunny Drop, and have also been working on catching up on One Piece. I have also started working on Love*Com (Lovely Complex), so far so good, though I have seen the anime, so so far it's nothing new really.
School wise I have 1.5 papers done, and 1.5 papers to go. Will be finishing the one up tomorrow, and then probably try to get halfway though the other by Tuesday sometime. And hopefully finish it early Thursday. Then it's just finals, and the year is over, and also college might also finally be over for me :D
Not much else to say here, I almost have the selection system re-worked, though I have yet to test it. Hopefully I will finish that up this week...hopefully. Also next week sometime I will be updating ZA&F probably. Oh and I finally made a quick blog title image and re-organized the theme a bit opinions?


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Of Couse the Hougyoku is a God Like Device

Well board this morning, and quite hungry too, so I figured guess I'll post here now, before I forget to again. Well first of Bleach just keeps going down the rabbit hole :p Naruto is getting interesting :D and One Piece is awesome as always :D :D But aside from that I read Family Game the past 3 days, I must say I enjoyed it, but there were bits that I personally felt didn't make a lot of sense, but it was a fun read either way. Next up is probably Love*Com, which I own all of, and just haven't had time to read it yet...stupid school. Haven't watched much anime as of late been a bit too load at my dorm to focus and I have 4 papers to do for next week.
Programming wise I have finished the revive system I think, and now I need to get the selection system done, which I think I have some code for, but it hasn't been tested/actually typed up yet. Hopefully that will be done by next week sometime. Then I need to re-test a few things and then I finally get to move onto the summoning system. Other then the battle system however I really haven't work on much of anything else. The ZA&F site update to v7 should be probably on May 4th or May 7th depending on how studying for finals goes. Not much actually let to say so I'll leave you with a fun video.

Also probably going to change the blog layout so that videos actually fit well.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fun Video Time

Fun Video, The Axis of Awesome.



Monday, April 19, 2010

A House with an Orange Roof is Wonderful

Hey, was planning to post something on Friday, but I kind of forgot/was playing Uncharted, which I did beat, and have been working on getting though hard mode now. So I just started reading Orange Yane no Chiisana Ie (The House with the Orange Roof), and I totally love it, thus the title, that and orange is one of my favorite colors :p Basically about 2 divorced families living together due to a retail scam. Of course one of the families is a dad and his 2 sons, while the other is a wife and her two daughters. So far I have really enjoyed it, though I feel that the adults are a bit pig headed sometimes, though they both have gone through hard times so it's understandable. Otherwise nothing really else to speak of manga wise or anime wise.
So gaming wise I got Uncharted: Drakes fortune and beat it already. Now I'm working on playing it on hard, which so far isn't that bad once I found I could change the aiming sensitivity that really helped. Story wise it was good, graphically it was nice too, however it was short I though. I finished my 1st play through (on normal) in about 8-9 hours or so, which is disappointing. Only 2 of the levels really gave me trouble, and I fear them on hard mode when I get there, but I think I should be able to pull it off.
Programming wise I haven't done much as of late. I found a bug that I fixed in the main game, I also worked on semi-reworking the damage system and about half way through allowing for revival magic/items/skills. Then I just need to mod the experience system which could take awhile, it is getting almost a totally rework since it is very unbalanced right now. After that though I finally get to move onto the the last major system at the players disposal...the summoning system, which will be broken down into 3 parts summoning, initialization, and A.I. Yes summons will be controlled by A.I scripts not manually since controlling more then 3 character in a totally active time battle system I feel would be a bit much. Well that is about all I have to say today, see you.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Freezing both Lierally, and the Manga

Well so I started this manga called Freezing today, mainly cause the title caught my eye in the new release section. Found out it is the same author as Unbalance x Unbalance and that's a good thing, in fact a very good thing. I've enjoyed everyone of his stories so far, especially unbalance. So my impressions are so far has potential. There are only 30 chaps out so I can't say for certain, but it has some interesting ideas in it. Other then that not much else manga wise, still hopping more Love so Life will come out soon, though no idea if that will happen or not.
Anime wise hm I finally finished up Saki, and Kimi no Tokoke, and nothing happened, though not totally surprised. I also started The Sacred Blacksmith, which so far is ok, though I see it slowly falling into harem/fan service territory with very little plot. Not that that's a totally bad thing, but the plot in the very beginning was semi interteing. Probably will finish that off tomorrow, I'll need some mindless entertainment after my test.
Programming wise nothing new, v7 of ZA&F is almost done finally, should be out next month sometime. I haven't worked on Anime Affection at all lately mainly cause the next few things will be quite hard to do, but also cause of this test tomorrow keeping me busy/depressed. Well I should get back to studying so cya next update.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Love So Life....I so don't get the title of that manga

So yea I'm posting on Saturday I know doesn't happen often. So I'm stuck in Phili an don't have my own computer with me so I'm very limited. Me and my family went to the Franklin Institute today, to see Body Works 2. Was really cool I must say, but now I'm board and my stomach is bother me.
Well let's see I started reading Love so Life and totally love it. Best cute manga I have read in a long while :D Unfortunately I'm out of chapters :( but hopefully soon more chapters will come out. I also started another manga, but it's only ok so far. Anime wise Ayakawa Under the Bridge so far is probably my favorite this season. Nothing better then random comedy.
Let's see I think I'm finally tired of Demon's Soul, even though I'm close to platinum I just don't want to play it anymore, so tomorrow I'm going to do 2 more things then I'm done with it. Then next weekend probably some Borderlands and I also should have Uncharted 1 by then. Hopefully Uncharted 1 and 2 will keep me busy until Red Dead Redemption comes out, so can't wait for that. Then I don't think there's anything coming out after that that I want until Fallout: New Vegas, which is also awesome. Well I think that's it for this update.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mayoi Neko interest

Well listening to a radio show, so I can't watch anime right now so time to post here. Well so most of the shows for this season that I would be watching this season have come out already. At this point Mayoi Neko Overrun seems like it will be crap, but most of the other shows seem interesting. Well so far my favorite is B Gai H Kei and Arakawa Under the Bridge seem so great at this point, both are odd comedy with semi-unique premises. Also been working on Kimi ni Todoke almost done with it and I totally love it. Not much else to say on the anime front, or the manga front. Manga wise I haven't run into any series I have really liked at this point tried a few that looked fun, but didn't care for them.
Programming wise battle system is going well I'm working on allowing percent damages/heals which I should be able to finish up tomorrow I think. Then I have a lot of mods to do for selection system and experience system then I can actually work on the summon system and start working on the A.I. for the summons. After that I finally get to move onto the enemies. Not much else to say there really I'm still hopping to have the battle system fully functioning by June/July.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Some people have Unique goals....

Well I couldn't come up with a fun title today so we're going with that. I'm sort of talking about B Gata H Kei. New anime for this spring season, 1st episode just came out. It's unique to say the least, if you watch it you'll get what I mean by the title.
Anyway so the new season has started (for the most part - a few shows still aren't out yet). So far I am actually quite happy with my show selection, though at least 1 I need to drop, I only have enough time for so much. Also I started watching Kimi ni Todoke, which I have totally fallen in love with. Though I knew that since I read some of the manga before. Other then that not much else new there.
Programming wise I'm on another testing time. I hate testing times though they are needed. So last week and this week I have been working on testing the battle system since I'm at about the 1/3rd part of it (-animations), so far I have only found a few bugs which I expected since I have debugged it as I have been programming it. After that's done I have some experience system mods, along with some selection mods, both of which shouldn't be too bad I think. Though not really looking forward to doing them. After that is is finally onto the great/fearful summon system. Part 1 (Summon) will be easy, but part 2 (initialization) and part 3 (A.I.) will probably suck. Once that is complete however then I finally get to setup the enemy and make an A.I. system for them. Planning to have quite a few different A.I. scripts based on what type of enemy it is, though how many depends on how hard it is to do. I have never programmed an A.I. before so it will be a learning experience I'm sure, though I'm looking forward to it. Well I'll end this post here I guess, but I'll update again probably Wednesday.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Bloody that title works well consideirng it's Monday :p

So hey what's up? Haven't updated since last weeks so first off I just finished reading the Bloody Monday manga this morning and just finished catching up on season 2. Not really sure if I like it or not, but I have nothing else to read right now so I ended up reading that. Have a new negative happy marriage chapter though which is awesome :D Probably will read that tomorrow.
Let's see over the weekend I beat Final Fantasy XIII finally. Next up is to get the max out each class trophies which I'll have with another 60,000 experience or so. Then I need to work on missions and leveling along with upgrading my weapons. Then final boss battle 5 star and I got the platinum trophy or so I hope. As long as it doesn't take me too long (Red Dead Redemption is the time limit) I am planning to get the platinum trophy in it. I also want to get it in Demon's Soul since I only have like 5 more trophies there.
Not much else to say really I haven't watched much anime lately since my roommate has been in the room most of the time lately :( Was planning to finish up Saki tonight, but that didn't happen. Ok end of post :p


Thursday, March 25, 2010

When does True == False?

So how is it possible to get true to equal false? What if you believe it to be false, but it's really true thus your false belief is true :p Wait what did I just say lol, never mind that I just confused myself there. Anyway today has been a good day...mostly. For one I slept great, for 2 I finished up the battle item use system :D, and also started and I think finished the Guard system. Guard system didn't end up quite as I hopped, but I think the other way would have made it too good. Tomorrow I might work on getting the flee system made, but we will see. Then it's onto a lot of testing and finally summon system part 1, then it's finally onto A.I. programming for the summons and the enemies :D So can't wait though when I get there I'm sure it will be hell :p
Hm what else tonight planning to finish watching Kobato, and also maybe Saki or Book of Bantorra, depends on my mood/how much time I have. Finally got a fun chap of Bleach that wasn't totally WTF?! And Hitman is starting a new arc, was debating on if it would be ending or not. Oh and One Piece was AWESOME, so AWESOME!!! Finally Red-Haired Shanks has arrived :D Ok enough about that I think I'm done for this post now, I might post a new video tomorrow we'll see.


Monday, March 22, 2010

So What is the scariest element? I vote H & O

Anyway title references qwaser, being a chem/bio major H as in Hydrogen not H as in H and O as in Oxygen are my choices for the most reactive/useful elements in a fight. I personally don't see why gold is that powerful, it's not that reactive, of course not a common element discussed in chem. classes so I could be missing something there. Anyway some fun treat today...
Fun video day, since I'm board and thought about it. Who doesn't love Horo I mean shes Horo shes just pure awesomeness. Enough fanboy-ness, so what else to say well first video:

Ok well battle item system is almost done in Anime Affection, should finish that up tomorrow or tonight. Also fixed a currently minor bug, and released a new version of Anime Affection on Friday. Almost have hit the big v0.2 mark possibly the v0.3 mark depending on when I finish the battle system, and how "finished" it really is.
So manga wise I have been reading Black God, I like the concept, however I feel that it isn't as well done as it should be and something is missing. It's by no means a bad manga, just seems to be lacking in certain areas, though slowly that is changing in the more recent chaps. Other then that I don't think I have started anything else, I really want to work on W Juliet, but I don't have time in a single weekend to read 21 volumes, and no way in heck am I bringing them to school (esp. since is a cross dressing manga), so I guess I need to suffer until end of the semester. Still have no idea where to put my manga collection it has finally over flowed, I have about 2 shelves over what I have room for :p
FFXIII wise I an 47 hrs or so into it, right before chapter 12, but I have been leveling and doing missions so far I have 22+ missions with a 5 star rating,a nd every character has 3 classes maxed (not actually maxed, but as far as I can currently go). Planning to possibly bet it this coming weekend we'll see I'm getting tired of leveling and it takes forever once you hit the upper areas of the grid. Ok enough with this post I'm done here.

Oh last note I have added quite a few anime/manga talks on my other blog check them out if you have time/want to links on the top of the page, any feedback would be nice.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What is Ef?

So I finished Ef - A Tale of Memories, and have just started Ef - A Tale of Melodies, what I want to know is what is Ef? Anyway that aside awesome show, melodies seems awesome too, planning to watch most/all of it by Friday. Oh and also finally got to read the end of A Record of a Fallen Vampire, love it figured that's how it would end, but kind of didn't want it too :\ . So yea... still really want to work on W Juliet, but I need to have time to read though since the online scanlations suck, still want to work on Boy's Over Flowers, but same deal there, I don't nor will I bring my manga up to college with me. That's about all there.
So had a test this morning, I know 3 things I kind of messed up a bit, but I think I should have done well on it otherwise. Now I just need to work on/finish up my seminar II presentation this week, I know what I'm doing, just haven't made the .ppt yet.
Website v7 I finally got my colors made I think, now I am just cleaning up the code and making sure all the pages look correctly, about half done with that. Then I just want to turn as much as I possibly can into css, but that really shouldn't affect anything visually, but the back end will be more up-to-date and what not. Eventually I do want to go to pure css, but not yet, still working on learning css. Probably not working on Anime Affection much if any until next week, but I should be able to finish up the battle item setup soon, but I still have a good bit to do in it.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

365 Days of Happyness

Well as you might or might not know I posted awhile ago saying that I finally won the 365 days of manga giveaway, after 156 tries... But how long it took doesn't matter all that matters is persistence payed off and I won in the end. So obviously I won some manga, in this case 5 senien manga! They are: Kaze no Hana volumes 1-3 (Complete), Black God Volume 6, and Those Who Hunt Elves Volume 3. None of which I actually have :O Black God I was thinking about starting so this worked out nicely. If you want to see all the other manga I have go here.
Enough about me, you probably don't care anyway you just want to know how you can win. So without further a due onto info about the contest. Well Jason Thompson, the author of King of RPG, is giving away 5 free manga everyday for a year! Awesome yes, and it's even simpler to win you just need to enter at and fill out the entry forum on the left side everyday until you win. Wait it gets even better too, if you win you can post a picture of yourself with the 5 manga you won, and Jason will send you another 5 free manga.
Oh if your wondering about his book (King of RPGs) it looks quite good, I haven't actually read it yet, but it sounds promising, and I'll probably be picking it up eventually. If you want to know more about his book go to There is a preview video along with more about the plot, and some sample pages too I believe.
Well I think that's all I have to say for this post, it's time to go eat and continue working on FFXIII anyway so cya next post. Oh yea my picture (lol almost forgot):

365 Days of Manga: My Winnings
(Click to Enlarge)

Yep that's me, and my 5 new manga to add to my collection, with a piece (around 1/3rd) of my manga collection behind me. Oh yea, if you didn't check out the About Me section, my name's Zachary, but I go by dinoman411 on most sites/games.
If you like anime/manga and are interested I also have an anime/manga discussion blog that I do located at: where I do summaries/mini-reviews on various series, and also an anime based flash game website at: Check them out if you want.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Back to school...for 6 or 7 more weeks :(

Hey another update again, since I need to go to class soon, and don't want to start anything before then. So yea FFXIII was fun if you didn't get that from the previous post. Though I can't play it again till Friday night when I get back home from school :( Oh yea reminds me this weekend my friend from Egypt (the country) is coming to visit that should be fun. Other then that not much new to say there.
Programming wise the item system for the battle system is about halfway done, and I'm hopping to finish that this week. Though I have a test and a presentation to finish up, so may not happen. Also a new version of Anime Affection will be put up onto ZA&F probably Thursday, many changes making it a much more playable game, look forward to it. Also ZA&F v7 is going well I think I finally have a color/look I like though I need to get some other opinions 1st. Still planning to have that out during May sometime, though if I get a job (I'm hopping I do) that may also be delayed.
Hm manga wise I finished up reading Otome...something...something (only 8 chapters), It was fun I was expecting more of a high school debut thing, but it wasn't really. Still working on GTO Younger Days, kind of boring the plot has been the same since the beginning, no major developments really at least no so far. Oh yes the big thing is I started watching (Well actually almost finished with) Ef - A Tale of Memories. Love it! Cutesy romance, though I'm not sure where it's planning to go, I'm hopping it goes the more fantasy route, but I have no idea if it will. The other story in it I'm really not sure which girl I like better, I see a Shuffle! Asa/Kaede scene possibly coming up, though can't say for sure. Other then that much else new, I should be getting the 5 manga I won this week, can't wait to see what I get hopefully it's not something I have already (Quite Likely), but who knows. Expect a post with a pic of that up this weekend either on here or ZA&F or both. Well I need to head to class now so cya.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break is Over, but what a fun filled Final Fantasy it was

So as you probably know FFXIII came out last Tuesday! And of course being a good old Final Fantasy fan had to buy it Tuesday morning (for PS3). First comment I have is beautiful, graphically it is the best game I have played in awhile. The Video sequences vs. the cut scenes can sometimes be somewhat tricky to tell apart, and in game cut scenes are just great. Now lets get away from graphics we all knew it would be awesome in that department. Story wise it's fun, and mostly interesting, there is a lot of back story if you want to read about it, and the whole mythology they made for the game is interesting. Only issue story wise I have is you really don't know what the main story is until like 4+ hrs into the game, but you get bits and peaces before that. Haven't actually finished it yet (stuck on a boss), plan to next time I'm home (next weekend). Now the battle system my least favorite thing in it. It's pretty and has a nice flow to it with the combo attack thing, however it is very much just button mashing. You control only 1 character the others just go off an A.I. script based on their class, now for my first major complaint. In FFXII you know how you could sort of customize your character with if/then type statements (gambits), not in this one you have no control over the A.I. they will do what they want based on their class. This can lead to characters standing there and doing nothing sometime. Your healer has no one to heal? so she will just stand there, until there is someone to heal never thinks about attacking. A few other systems you have the A.I. doing unneeded things, biggest was Medic class though they didn't seem to want to heal anyone to 100% hp or bring people back from the dead often. Ok away from A.I. onto the stagger system, I like the stagger system however I feel it is over used. Half the enemies you can't do much if any damage too unless you stagger them. Why should my normal attacks be pointless and then suddenly I start doing 5k+ damage per attack, I just felt that the stagger system took away from the strategy, most battles you have to stagger which means you need to attack the enemy fast and consistently with magic attacks. Oh yea that's the other thing physical attacks do not really increase your stagger gauge much if any, only magic really increases it, even if they are vulnerable to physical attacks and resistant to magical attacks, that made no sense to me. Other then that I felt the battle system was decent, I kind of would have liked an older style system but that's me. Oh last note aboue the battle you would think teh A.I would move away from your defense character who is provoking the enemy so they don't get hit with attacks, but no they all crowd towards they, which is really really annoying at times. Other major thing is bosses seems a bit too much at times. Like the one boss I fought today I did 99,999 damage at least 5 times throughout the battle (most attacks were between 10,000-99,999) and it took me 11 minutes to defeat it, is that really necessary, I can never think of a Final fantasy boss (excluding side quest/optional bosses) that had that kind of HP, is it really necessary. Some other bosses also have little things like I don't know cast death on you, oh you would have killed the really hard boss but you weren't fast enough try again. Ok enough ranting this post is getting long all in all though it is a very good game and I would suggest it, but personally no where near my favorite Final fantasy game (VII and X were my favorites; X cause I like the romance stories :p VII cause it was just EPIC lol). Ok cya next update.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII in < 5 days

Hey another update since I'm board!! So I am currently debating on buying Diablo II, any opinions on that? I think I'll really enjoy it, and it is only $20, but I just don't know... Final Fantasy XIII is in < 5 days, so I have that, though after that week I'll be back at school and not have it to play. At this point I think I will be getting it, but I just don't know. I have played the demo, and like it, though I wanted to try out a sorceress, not barbarian. I just don't know probably will be able to decide by tonight.
Aside form that dilemma, I finished the magic system in the battle system I think it seems to be functioning at the moment. So I have started up the item use system for in battle, which actually should go relatively smoothly...I hope. Anyway once that is done then I'll do guard and flee then summoning. Then everything is done. Then I need to make the A.I. for the enemies and the summons, which will be fun... lol. But that's about it then. I do still need to do animations and graphical work, but the battle system is actually getting closer and closer to completion!!
NOt much else to say started reading some new manga, and trying out Baka to Test anime in a few minutes, but other then that it's the same old stuff. Probably will update when I have FFXIII and let you know what I think, wait anxiously till then.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII in < 7 days

Hey need to keep that as the title, I just so cannot wait! So this morning was a great day, maybe/hopefully... or not. Well on the + side I got the new damage system integrated into the main battle system file, and it seems to be working properly though more tests are still needed. Now I just need to finish up the magic system variable getting for the rest of the people besides the player character, which I have started working on, but it will take awhile. Anyway other then that the new version of my website is also going smoothly, I've cleaned up the code and put the new theme look on all the pages, now I just need to do some mods with the colors, and some code changes and it is done.
So anyway FFXIII in less then 7 days so anxious, was actually looking for some more guides/info. today, but not much luck on that, though that's ok I guess. Hm what else oh yes, Itazura na Kiss I have finished up to ep 23, so 2 more episodes. Still love it, though I feel like some of the main romance stuff that existed around wedding/honeymoon has left and it's more about accomplishing there careers, though now it is starting to get a bit more romantic. Next ep is the actual planned ending to the manga, so we will see how that goes. If you didn't know the author of Itazura na Kiss died in an accident in 1999 (Rest in Peace) so the manga was never completed, and never will be, but the anime has an ending based on some notes that she had about the ending. Other then that not much else to says today, so I'll shut up now.


Sunday, February 28, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII in < 9 days

It's finally here, well soon. Final Fantasy XIII in the US! So cannot wait. Hm what to say it's going to be awesome plan and simple. I'll be getting it on the 9th as soon as the store (EB Games or Toys R' Us)opens. I'm slowly getting tired of Demon's Soul, about halfway through my second play though, big problem there is I die in 1 hit from almost anything :(, which is why the flamelurker is being a problem, I keep getting him down to like 10 or less hits to kill, but he always ends up killing me before I get the final blow. But otherwise the 2nd play through hasn't been too bad, I'm lvl 129 now, but once I get FFXIII chances are I will not be playing Demon's Soul for awhile. But I can probably hit lvl 150 by then maybe. I also have urges to play borderlands more, but Demon's Soul is more tempting in that manner. Other then that nothing new in the gaming world.
On the programming sides of things, the battle system damage system is almost all reworked, though I'm running into issues when merging it into the main file, but I'm still working on debugging it, but I'm hopping by the end of this week that I can get the damage system all reworked, then I want to finish getting the magic system working, which is almost done.
Other then that hm started watching Itzaura na Kiss, which is awesome so far, and planning to finish that up this week sometime. Also finished buying Love*Com and Yu Yu Hakusho Manga, next up I need to get some stray volumes from other series then I think I'll start getting 20th Century Boys and Pluto. Ok I think that is enough talking on this update.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow!! Again . . .

Well Snow Day!...Again. Not totally happy about that. If it snows enough I wouldn't be able to get home this weekend, so no Demon's Soul :( If that's the case it is going to be a long, boring weekend. I expect to semi-finish up the revised damage system probably today or tomorrow depending if I run into any major issues or not. Right now I'm just working on finishing up the magical damage thing, but some of that could be be more difficult to setup then I think, but who knows. Also planning on getting the damage column people in back less damage system (try saying that 3x fast :p ) done, but I need to really think about that one to do that so we'll see if I feel like doing that today... Asside from that nothing new to mention really, but today I have a treat a YouTube video :O I think I am going to start posting fun videos more often if I think of it, because we all love well done amvs (Anime Music Videos) and other videos on youtube.

~Enjoy: dinoman411

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Best Online Talkshow Ever lol

Ok, so have a 2 hour delay today, and semi-board this morning, should be working on my Seminar II outline/reference list, but I need a break from working on it, it's too early. So anyway listening to this talk show called SideScrollers on, which is an awesome gaming site. If you want to listen to it here's the link (it is almost 1 hr long though). They have plenty of other amusing things so check it out if you want.
So yea, I've been re-working the battle system damage system some, the luck and dodge system has been re-worked and now work so much better. Though it is so hard to balance a battle system, so it is taking a lot of time, but other then the magic damage the magic system is mostly done. Ok I'm out of things to mention about that.
Other then that started reading GTO: Younger Days, so far so fun, planning to start buying it, but not sure if it is still being released, but I don't know if it is or not, and I don't really like buying things that may never be finished. Nothing else to really mention, but I think that's enough anyway.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Win and I Win Again!

Hey back from an exiting weekend..well exiting in my book. First off friday I finally won the 365 days of manga, manga give away located here: . Basically Jason Thompson (writer of King of RPGs), is giving away his manga collection. Every day he posts a manga review along with the previous days winner for a while year. Basically just fill out the name, address, type u want, and you enter into a random drawing for 5 free manga, and then once you get them you take a pic with them and get 5 more free manga :O quite nice I know. So I finally won after 156 tries :p.
Now the other thing I didn't quiet "win" but close enough, one level is left in demon's soul, and I don't think there is a boss in it! I have also finally hit 99 dexterity and a +5 tearing katana, though I want a sharp more, but oh well I'll get one eventually. Figured next weekend I'll be finishing my first play though up. Next start to level up is endurance so I can actually dodge with my usual equipment. But whatever...
What else...oh yes W Juliet showed up this weekend, now I have one more series in my collection and 14 more volumes. Now I just need to find time to read them, stupid college :p Other then that not much else new really same old stuff, only one test this week, though I have 2 big-ish homework things due Tuesday and Thursday, which so sucks :( Ok now that is it for this post.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Murderously Good at Cooking

Ok, fun title for once :p It you care it's technically from Onidere, but could also relate to a few other series. So anyway started playing Planeshift a good bit again if you don't know what it is it is an MMORPG (with a concentration on the Role Playing part). Fun game, certain things are tedious in it, and in some ways much harder then your traditional MMORPG, but it is totally free, and has insane potential. Right now v0. is out, major updates are about once every 4-6 months or so normally. If you want to check it out go to also if you want to add me my characters name is Shiroro Nalill <- I know awesome name lol :p Other then that I considered starting to play Runes of Magic again, but I just cannot get into it. Enough about games, onto programming...
So I started the magic system in the battle system so far it is actually going surprisingly smoothly, right now you can choose a spell to cast and prepare to cast it, though you cant actually cast it at anyone yet, maybe tomorrow (Have to study tonight 2 tests tomorrow). Hm other then that I removed a big thing I was planning to put in Anime Affection, because a. it's a pain, b. who knows if anyone would care, and c. it would be heck to program/setup. The only thing I want to do at this point before the March release is fix the enter/exit car glitch, but so far that hasn't went well. Not much else to say about that, still trying to come up with a good theme for the next version of my website, but that's going relatively slowly.
Anime/Manga wise same as last update, was in a bad mood yesterday so didn't really watch anything, and today I have been working on getting re-acquainted with Planeshift's systems. Well time for dinner for me so cya next update.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Still Wish I Knew what was Faster than a Kiss....

Hey again! Board, and can't watch any anime right now :( So what to say well guess I'll start out with Demon's Soul. I have 3-4 levels left at this point and I'm level 71. I also have a +3 Sharp Katana, and a +1 Sticky Compound Long Bow, and a +2 Dark Silver Shield. I finally feel I have gotten decent at Demon's Soul, we'll see if that lasts into New Game+ though 40% harder is...yea.... Well doesn't really matter I enjoy it. Only thing that annoys me if cheap kills, such as attacking and ending up falling to your death cause the character happens to step forward slightly when attacking. But oh well most action games do that so whatever.
Onto manga, I've been working on reading High School Debut and W Juliet, both are shojos, both I enjoy so far. Oh and I also started Hana to Akuma, and all I can say is I absolutely love it, though I am not sure where it is planning to go yet. Anime wise I've been working on Princess Nine, old school anime, with a girl baseball team theme, so far it is quite enjoyable, though a bit slow at parts. Other then that Durarara!! I still don't get where it's planning to go, though that is not a huge surprise.
Oh yea lastly programming, I finally finished debugging for now I think, and I am working on getting back into the battle system. Today I think I finished up the weapon skill setup finally, and now moving onto magic, which I am still trying to figure out how I want to do. Also got sidetracked today and added the special item types to the item display in the menu, along with changing the look of the magic display graphics. I think that is about it, oh yea if you have any good Ideas for a unique white magic spell post it in comments, I need some ideas...Thanks.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Magic as a Non-Renewable Resource

hey me again! So I got to play more demon's soul this past weekend :D I have definitely gotten better, finished off 1 whole world (3 lvls), on top of 2 other levels. I finally got my katana (right now sharp +2 version), and I got some slightly better armor, along with a cool dark silver shield. I am hopping this weekend to get up to a +5 sharp katana, and a +3 sticky compound long bow. As I mentioned I am almost a pure dex. build, though I do want to go into magic a bit more eventually, but all in due time. Other then that nothing new gaming wise.
Let's see I started watching Saki yesterday (almost halfway at this point), also decided to try learning mahjong, and still want to learn Go, both are hard as heck to find a PC game for, though I did find an online one for mahjong. Lets see also started reading W Juliet, so far enjoyed it, and actually just bought the whole thing off ebay a few hours ago too.
Hm what else, oh yes snow tomorrow, or at least I hope I really want off tomorrow, I want to finish Saki for one, and also work on Anime Affection some more. Speaking of Anime Affection I have debugged a ton, mostly small bugs, but some major ones too. Still have 1 or 2 left to fix, then I need to test again, and de-bug again, but at least this way it should end up being more playable starting with the march release. Well time for me to head out and eat and do my lab stuff so cya.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs, and More Bugs

Hey update time!! Mainly cause I am board and waiting a few more minutes till I go to lunch. Let's see well I am stuck up at school this weekend because of the snow storm :(, no idea what I am going to do with myself... I really need a break from programming Anime Affection. I have done a lot of relatively major things for the March release already, and today I just started testing and de-bugging it. In which I found a lot of bugs, most are small bugs, but they are still bugs. About halfway done fixing the bugs I found, though after this test I will be testing it again and looking for additional bugs. v7 of my website is also basically complete, I finished setting up the new forum yesterday, and I worked on a few of the pages. Now I basically just need to test and verify it to be xHTML 1.0 complaint, which I know some pages do have error in that way. Though I am not doing that until closer to release (May).
Anyway what else, Bleach, One Piece, Hitman, and Beelzebub were awesome this week :D!! Also watched some anime lets see i finished up Bamboo Blade finally, also finished watching the microbe show that I don't remember the title of, and also finished up Black Heaven too. Now I started, well technically halfway done with, some older anime that I can't remember the title of at this moment. Planning to finish that today or tomorrow, along with start something, maybe I'll continue Sensai, I coud go for something a bit slower paced. Other then that not much more to I'm going to go to lunch now cya.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Demon's Soul=Death

Yes, I finally got demon's soul...and I am not very good at it. Part of the issue is I am a wanderer for my starter class which supposedly is one of the more difficult classes to be, though I am trying to make a samurai build with some magic too. But back to the basic problem, I am not too good so far, only on level 2 (can get to the boss, and died at this point). It is a much more challenging game then I expected, but it is fun. I've probably died at least 100x already, but I don't really care that much. I also got uncharted 2 though haven't played teh first one yet so that's useless for me at this point. Other then that nothing new on the gaming side of things. Oh wait I did get the water chip in fallout 1 finally!! :D
The pass out system will be done tomorrow in game, and the map has again be re-edited again. The enter car vs building also works great, though later that might have to be altered. Other then that nothing new there. The new version of website is coming along well, I added an image viewer now, and I have a new banner image too, though I still need to re-work the rest of the theme still. No rush for that since no release until April at the earliest, preferably May is when I would like to release it. That is about it for this update.


Friday, January 29, 2010

Yureka =? ID Entity

Hey been busy doing things so I didn't update much this week, so I'll update today. Started playing Atlantica Online again, though I wish I knew if my mercenaries age is >50 if there stats are effected, since currently I am using my old party which are all like 53+. If anyone knows how the age thing works in this let me know please.
Anyway aside from that I got some more done in Anime Affection, the pass out system is almost complete and I started the enter building vs car system which is going ok-ish. I should be getting Demon's Soul for the PS3 tonight, I so cannot wait! Planning to be a Wanderer who dual wields katanas, and also uses some magic. How will that go who knows, but I'll try it out. Other then that I don't think I have much more to talk about so short post today.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Does Historys Strongest Disciple become History's Strongest Master?

Ok hey back again! School suck, though not difficult but sucks none the less. Anyway so I worked on my game a good bit since my last update, mainly I integrated the hospital, cleaned up old things, and begun work on the Pass Out system witch is about 2/3rds done technically. Though I do need to now make it possible to use items, and also make the coffee sub-system (as I call it). Though first the use item thing needs to be made and tested which I will probably finish this week, then I need to get the 1st person view in the hospital done and I am good. Only other major thing to do before getting back to battle system is simply getting the enter car vs. building glitch fixed, which should not be too difficult...I think. I might also start on the spawning and hitTest unstick thing too, but I am not looking forward to that at all. Also still trying to figure out masks, and still not going particularly well. But I am sure in time I will figure it out.
Other then programming been watching Romeo x Juliet, so far it's good. What can I say I am in the mood for a romance and that is the only one I have that I haven't watched yet. After that I'll probably be working on GTO. Some fun awesome action, watched 5 eps so far and although not as good as the manga still awesome.
Ok I am babbling at this point so I'll shut up, cya next update.


Friday, January 22, 2010

A new blog and other stuff

So I made another blog because i like just chatting about nothingness on this one. Anyway here's the link for it ( nothing is there yet except an intro. probably will be updating it next week sometime. Basically going to be an anime/manga discussion blog sort of like a summary/opinion thing on various series I have read/seen. I hope it turns out better then the review one I started, of course those took awhile to type up and make sound good this one will be more of a spur of the moment type thing sort of like this blog, but that one will at least have a specific topic lol.
Anyway so today I get to go home in a half hour or so and tonight will probably mostly go to resistance 2 unless I get really pissed at it. I finished up Resistance 1 on Monday, but I don't have my PS3 at college with me so I haven't been able to start the 2nd one yet. So that will probably be most of my weekend, that and Pearl Pink, which finally showed up at my house. Most likely that will be the 1st discussion on my other blog.
Hm what else have I done, oh yes, I finally finished merging in the hospital inside to my game :D and it works, also fixed multiple glitches and bugs along with a totally clean up/re-organization of the various files attached to it. Now I still need to reorganize the external folders, but I'll get to that sometime next week. Other then that I worked on starting v7 of ZA&F which I am planning to release somewhere between April and June, depending on how long various things take.
Oh yea, school well technically college. Finally at the last semester, and actually all my classes except BioChem II seem easy enough, so it should be an easy semester. I have my resume done, now I need to write the cover letter and have someone look at it to review it. My new roommate is nice, though can be quite load, also a CoD and Madden Fanatic :\ I still don't understand the join in either of those really, but whatever I go for game play and story over almost everything, and neither of those really have a story per-say.
Ok this post got long fast so I'll stop talking now.


Monday, January 18, 2010

What is Faster than a Kiss?

Hey back at school...and already board and do not want to be here lol. So today was relativity uneventful otherwise, the only major accomplishment ok well 2 accomplishments are, for one I figured out a major setup flaw in flash I was confused on, so now I can re align everything and make it better :D. Secondly I started to strip Nanami in flash, so that I can have various clothing types for her in the game without too much work. So far I must say I am impressed with myself for one she looks human, and better yet she looks decent :O. First time I have ever tried drawing a nude body period, and I must say I am quite proud of myself. Besides that no new news really, same old stuff. I released and update for Anime Affection over on my site, fixed a few bugs and did some graphical and programming changes. So far progression for the next release is going well, I fixed some graphical issues today, and figured out the building thing so I am happy. May update this again tomorrow if I have time/am board so cya then.

This post title is too easy referencing Faster than a Kiss manga. Fun manga cute teacher x student husband wife plot thingy.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Old News, that I Forgot to Post

Hey! Posting again, mainly because I don't feel like doing anything right now. Last night and today I fixed some problems I had with the battle system for Anime Affection, which came around because I accidentally deleted my database on my computer. I had backups, but not recent ones. But in the end I got it all fixed, and even slightly improved the on php file. So anyway I have continued to try to come up with ideas for the new version of ZA&F, but that is only going so well. Added a link to this blog, and I might also add an anime Image Gallery to it, where I am planning to post some of my favorite anime pics. I have found. No real reason to this besides that I want to maybe, just came up with the idea a few minutes ago actually. Will I keep this I don't know yet, but whatever.
I'm kind of just blah today, finish Soul Eater yesterday, didn't really care for the ending, but it worked. Also worked on Bamboo blade today, but just couldn't get into it, I'm really in the mood for Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, but I have already seen both seasons, and not much of the Novel or Anime is online :( Ok, I think that's about it, time to go eat anyway. Cya