Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Best Anime Intro. in Awhile!

Hey! Finals over half over, so can't wait till tomorrow night when it is all over forever! Though at this point I don't have a job, so I have to go back to community college at this point to keep my health insurance, at least until January. Though mot totally happy with my choices, but I am only there Monday and Wednesday and I'm done by 2 so it's all good there. Taking Account I, Thinking, Problem Solving, Team Building, Intro to Political sci, and modern social problems. Wanted to take drawing, and comp graphics, but there not offered at the campus I go to :(
So I started watching Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (half way through) I must say it is a rather stressful/depressing show that I should not have started during finals week lol. Also Arakawa Under the Bridge had a new intro this week, which totally rocks, see it below.

Manga wise still working on Love*Com about halfway through it, planning to finish up next week sometime and then start W Juliet.
Programming wise I am fixing up a few more bugs and finishing a few more things, and then I should be able to move onto the summon system. Once that is done then the player stuff is all done, and just need to get the enemies working, which will be quite entertaining. Well I think that is all I have to say, enjoy.


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