Sunday, April 4, 2010

Some people have Unique goals....

Well I couldn't come up with a fun title today so we're going with that. I'm sort of talking about B Gata H Kei. New anime for this spring season, 1st episode just came out. It's unique to say the least, if you watch it you'll get what I mean by the title.
Anyway so the new season has started (for the most part - a few shows still aren't out yet). So far I am actually quite happy with my show selection, though at least 1 I need to drop, I only have enough time for so much. Also I started watching Kimi ni Todoke, which I have totally fallen in love with. Though I knew that since I read some of the manga before. Other then that not much else new there.
Programming wise I'm on another testing time. I hate testing times though they are needed. So last week and this week I have been working on testing the battle system since I'm at about the 1/3rd part of it (-animations), so far I have only found a few bugs which I expected since I have debugged it as I have been programming it. After that's done I have some experience system mods, along with some selection mods, both of which shouldn't be too bad I think. Though not really looking forward to doing them. After that is is finally onto the great/fearful summon system. Part 1 (Summon) will be easy, but part 2 (initialization) and part 3 (A.I.) will probably suck. Once that is complete however then I finally get to setup the enemy and make an A.I. system for them. Planning to have quite a few different A.I. scripts based on what type of enemy it is, though how many depends on how hard it is to do. I have never programmed an A.I. before so it will be a learning experience I'm sure, though I'm looking forward to it. Well I'll end this post here I guess, but I'll update again probably Wednesday.


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