Thursday, April 22, 2010

Of Couse the Hougyoku is a God Like Device

Well board this morning, and quite hungry too, so I figured guess I'll post here now, before I forget to again. Well first of Bleach just keeps going down the rabbit hole :p Naruto is getting interesting :D and One Piece is awesome as always :D :D But aside from that I read Family Game the past 3 days, I must say I enjoyed it, but there were bits that I personally felt didn't make a lot of sense, but it was a fun read either way. Next up is probably Love*Com, which I own all of, and just haven't had time to read it yet...stupid school. Haven't watched much anime as of late been a bit too load at my dorm to focus and I have 4 papers to do for next week.
Programming wise I have finished the revive system I think, and now I need to get the selection system done, which I think I have some code for, but it hasn't been tested/actually typed up yet. Hopefully that will be done by next week sometime. Then I need to re-test a few things and then I finally get to move onto the summoning system. Other then the battle system however I really haven't work on much of anything else. The ZA&F site update to v7 should be probably on May 4th or May 7th depending on how studying for finals goes. Not much actually let to say so I'll leave you with a fun video.

Also probably going to change the blog layout so that videos actually fit well.


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