Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mayoi Neko interest

Well listening to a radio show, so I can't watch anime right now so time to post here. Well so most of the shows for this season that I would be watching this season have come out already. At this point Mayoi Neko Overrun seems like it will be crap, but most of the other shows seem interesting. Well so far my favorite is B Gai H Kei and Arakawa Under the Bridge seem so great at this point, both are odd comedy with semi-unique premises. Also been working on Kimi ni Todoke almost done with it and I totally love it. Not much else to say on the anime front, or the manga front. Manga wise I haven't run into any series I have really liked at this point tried a few that looked fun, but didn't care for them.
Programming wise battle system is going well I'm working on allowing percent damages/heals which I should be able to finish up tomorrow I think. Then I have a lot of mods to do for selection system and experience system then I can actually work on the summon system and start working on the A.I. for the summons. After that I finally get to move onto the enemies. Not much else to say there really I'm still hopping to have the battle system fully functioning by June/July.


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