Sunday, April 25, 2010

Love*Com or Love Comedy Style

Wonder how many people have read both of those...two totally different mangas lol. One is a comedy Romance one is a Comedy Romance borderline H manga. But both are fun though a bit odd sometimes.
Well Uncharted: Drakes Fortune is going great! I am about halfway though Crushing mode, and other then that I have about 5 more trophies to get so I might actually get my 1st platinum trophy this coming weekend :D And then I can move onto Uncharted 2. Uncharted was one of teh few recent games I have enjoyed enough to play multiple times through, I'm hopping Uncharted 2 is also like this.
Anime wise nothing new, just bought Air Gear, Coyote Ragetime Show, Welcome to the NHK!, and School Rumble 1 & 2 & OVAs for ~$100. Awesome deal, if I looked more I would have also had Kanon too, but I didn't look through everything.
Now on the manga front, I started getting Bunny Drop, and have also been working on catching up on One Piece. I have also started working on Love*Com (Lovely Complex), so far so good, though I have seen the anime, so so far it's nothing new really.
School wise I have 1.5 papers done, and 1.5 papers to go. Will be finishing the one up tomorrow, and then probably try to get halfway though the other by Tuesday sometime. And hopefully finish it early Thursday. Then it's just finals, and the year is over, and also college might also finally be over for me :D
Not much else to say here, I almost have the selection system re-worked, though I have yet to test it. Hopefully I will finish that up this week...hopefully. Also next week sometime I will be updating ZA&F probably. Oh and I finally made a quick blog title image and re-organized the theme a bit opinions?


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