Saturday, April 10, 2010

Love So Life....I so don't get the title of that manga

So yea I'm posting on Saturday I know doesn't happen often. So I'm stuck in Phili an don't have my own computer with me so I'm very limited. Me and my family went to the Franklin Institute today, to see Body Works 2. Was really cool I must say, but now I'm board and my stomach is bother me.
Well let's see I started reading Love so Life and totally love it. Best cute manga I have read in a long while :D Unfortunately I'm out of chapters :( but hopefully soon more chapters will come out. I also started another manga, but it's only ok so far. Anime wise Ayakawa Under the Bridge so far is probably my favorite this season. Nothing better then random comedy.
Let's see I think I'm finally tired of Demon's Soul, even though I'm close to platinum I just don't want to play it anymore, so tomorrow I'm going to do 2 more things then I'm done with it. Then next weekend probably some Borderlands and I also should have Uncharted 1 by then. Hopefully Uncharted 1 and 2 will keep me busy until Red Dead Redemption comes out, so can't wait for that. Then I don't think there's anything coming out after that that I want until Fallout: New Vegas, which is also awesome. Well I think that's it for this update.


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