Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I never want to live Under a Bridge....well Unless a self proclamed aliens lives there

Well so first off Arakawa Under the Bridge is so epic lol. Random comedy is always fun. Tons of strange charters, one cute though strange girl and a normal perfectionist type guy. What more could be better?! Aside from bridges, gigantic formula I have been working on, so far it has been interesting though I'm expecting something big to happen at some point. I also started watching Flame of Recca, which is ok, but I can't say I totally like it though. It's kind of like Yu Yu Hakusho, expect the main character is weak.
Well manga wise I have been working on Lovely Complex, and enjoying it a lot. Hopefully next week I'll get to finish that up, and then finally get back to W Juliet. After that I have 2 more series at home to start from my 365 manga winnings, and 1 other series to read. I also want to get back to reading the Haruhi novels, but probably wouldn't get to that until vacation since those are easy to bring along compared to 12+ manga volumes. I also want to start getting and reading Kimi no Todoke, loved the anime and I have high hopes for the manga. I started getting Bunny Drop and Stepping on Roses, both of which I have read a good bit online, and totally loved.
Programming wise I added two new weapon types to Anime Affection, Curved Swords (Katana, Scimitar, etc...), and Tonfa or Boomerang still deciding there. I also have completed the selection system I think forever, and I did a few mods to the experience system. Next up is fixing the speed system, something major is wrong there, though not sure what yet. Then I basically need to get back to the summon system, which I'm hopping to get done by next week. Well that is all the new things to say, but lets end with a fun Haruhi AMV video, enjoy.


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