Monday, April 19, 2010

A House with an Orange Roof is Wonderful

Hey, was planning to post something on Friday, but I kind of forgot/was playing Uncharted, which I did beat, and have been working on getting though hard mode now. So I just started reading Orange Yane no Chiisana Ie (The House with the Orange Roof), and I totally love it, thus the title, that and orange is one of my favorite colors :p Basically about 2 divorced families living together due to a retail scam. Of course one of the families is a dad and his 2 sons, while the other is a wife and her two daughters. So far I have really enjoyed it, though I feel that the adults are a bit pig headed sometimes, though they both have gone through hard times so it's understandable. Otherwise nothing really else to speak of manga wise or anime wise.
So gaming wise I got Uncharted: Drakes fortune and beat it already. Now I'm working on playing it on hard, which so far isn't that bad once I found I could change the aiming sensitivity that really helped. Story wise it was good, graphically it was nice too, however it was short I though. I finished my 1st play through (on normal) in about 8-9 hours or so, which is disappointing. Only 2 of the levels really gave me trouble, and I fear them on hard mode when I get there, but I think I should be able to pull it off.
Programming wise I haven't done much as of late. I found a bug that I fixed in the main game, I also worked on semi-reworking the damage system and about half way through allowing for revival magic/items/skills. Then I just need to mod the experience system which could take awhile, it is getting almost a totally rework since it is very unbalanced right now. After that though I finally get to move onto the the last major system at the players disposal...the summoning system, which will be broken down into 3 parts summoning, initialization, and A.I. Yes summons will be controlled by A.I scripts not manually since controlling more then 3 character in a totally active time battle system I feel would be a bit much. Well that is about all I have to say today, see you.


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