Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Freezing both Lierally, and the Manga

Well so I started this manga called Freezing today, mainly cause the title caught my eye in the new release section. Found out it is the same author as Unbalance x Unbalance and that's a good thing, in fact a very good thing. I've enjoyed everyone of his stories so far, especially unbalance. So my impressions are so far has potential. There are only 30 chaps out so I can't say for certain, but it has some interesting ideas in it. Other then that not much else manga wise, still hopping more Love so Life will come out soon, though no idea if that will happen or not.
Anime wise hm I finally finished up Saki, and Kimi no Tokoke, and nothing happened, though not totally surprised. I also started The Sacred Blacksmith, which so far is ok, though I see it slowly falling into harem/fan service territory with very little plot. Not that that's a totally bad thing, but the plot in the very beginning was semi interteing. Probably will finish that off tomorrow, I'll need some mindless entertainment after my test.
Programming wise nothing new, v7 of ZA&F is almost done finally, should be out next month sometime. I haven't worked on Anime Affection at all lately mainly cause the next few things will be quite hard to do, but also cause of this test tomorrow keeping me busy/depressed. Well I should get back to studying so cya next update.


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