Thursday, March 25, 2010

When does True == False?

So how is it possible to get true to equal false? What if you believe it to be false, but it's really true thus your false belief is true :p Wait what did I just say lol, never mind that I just confused myself there. Anyway today has been a good day...mostly. For one I slept great, for 2 I finished up the battle item use system :D, and also started and I think finished the Guard system. Guard system didn't end up quite as I hopped, but I think the other way would have made it too good. Tomorrow I might work on getting the flee system made, but we will see. Then it's onto a lot of testing and finally summon system part 1, then it's finally onto A.I. programming for the summons and the enemies :D So can't wait though when I get there I'm sure it will be hell :p
Hm what else tonight planning to finish watching Kobato, and also maybe Saki or Book of Bantorra, depends on my mood/how much time I have. Finally got a fun chap of Bleach that wasn't totally WTF?! And Hitman is starting a new arc, was debating on if it would be ending or not. Oh and One Piece was AWESOME, so AWESOME!!! Finally Red-Haired Shanks has arrived :D Ok enough about that I think I'm done for this post now, I might post a new video tomorrow we'll see.


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