Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What is Ef?

So I finished Ef - A Tale of Memories, and have just started Ef - A Tale of Melodies, what I want to know is what is Ef? Anyway that aside awesome show, melodies seems awesome too, planning to watch most/all of it by Friday. Oh and also finally got to read the end of A Record of a Fallen Vampire, love it figured that's how it would end, but kind of didn't want it too :\ . So yea... still really want to work on W Juliet, but I need to have time to read though since the online scanlations suck, still want to work on Boy's Over Flowers, but same deal there, I don't nor will I bring my manga up to college with me. That's about all there.
So had a test this morning, I know 3 things I kind of messed up a bit, but I think I should have done well on it otherwise. Now I just need to work on/finish up my seminar II presentation this week, I know what I'm doing, just haven't made the .ppt yet.
Website v7 I finally got my colors made I think, now I am just cleaning up the code and making sure all the pages look correctly, about half done with that. Then I just want to turn as much as I possibly can into css, but that really shouldn't affect anything visually, but the back end will be more up-to-date and what not. Eventually I do want to go to pure css, but not yet, still working on learning css. Probably not working on Anime Affection much if any until next week, but I should be able to finish up the battle item setup soon, but I still have a good bit to do in it.


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