Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break is Over, but what a fun filled Final Fantasy it was

So as you probably know FFXIII came out last Tuesday! And of course being a good old Final Fantasy fan had to buy it Tuesday morning (for PS3). First comment I have is beautiful, graphically it is the best game I have played in awhile. The Video sequences vs. the cut scenes can sometimes be somewhat tricky to tell apart, and in game cut scenes are just great. Now lets get away from graphics we all knew it would be awesome in that department. Story wise it's fun, and mostly interesting, there is a lot of back story if you want to read about it, and the whole mythology they made for the game is interesting. Only issue story wise I have is you really don't know what the main story is until like 4+ hrs into the game, but you get bits and peaces before that. Haven't actually finished it yet (stuck on a boss), plan to next time I'm home (next weekend). Now the battle system my least favorite thing in it. It's pretty and has a nice flow to it with the combo attack thing, however it is very much just button mashing. You control only 1 character the others just go off an A.I. script based on their class, now for my first major complaint. In FFXII you know how you could sort of customize your character with if/then type statements (gambits), not in this one you have no control over the A.I. they will do what they want based on their class. This can lead to characters standing there and doing nothing sometime. Your healer has no one to heal? so she will just stand there, until there is someone to heal never thinks about attacking. A few other systems you have the A.I. doing unneeded things, biggest was Medic class though they didn't seem to want to heal anyone to 100% hp or bring people back from the dead often. Ok away from A.I. onto the stagger system, I like the stagger system however I feel it is over used. Half the enemies you can't do much if any damage too unless you stagger them. Why should my normal attacks be pointless and then suddenly I start doing 5k+ damage per attack, I just felt that the stagger system took away from the strategy, most battles you have to stagger which means you need to attack the enemy fast and consistently with magic attacks. Oh yea that's the other thing physical attacks do not really increase your stagger gauge much if any, only magic really increases it, even if they are vulnerable to physical attacks and resistant to magical attacks, that made no sense to me. Other then that I felt the battle system was decent, I kind of would have liked an older style system but that's me. Oh last note aboue the battle you would think teh A.I would move away from your defense character who is provoking the enemy so they don't get hit with attacks, but no they all crowd towards they, which is really really annoying at times. Other major thing is bosses seems a bit too much at times. Like the one boss I fought today I did 99,999 damage at least 5 times throughout the battle (most attacks were between 10,000-99,999) and it took me 11 minutes to defeat it, is that really necessary, I can never think of a Final fantasy boss (excluding side quest/optional bosses) that had that kind of HP, is it really necessary. Some other bosses also have little things like I don't know cast death on you, oh you would have killed the really hard boss but you weren't fast enough try again. Ok enough ranting this post is getting long all in all though it is a very good game and I would suggest it, but personally no where near my favorite Final fantasy game (VII and X were my favorites; X cause I like the romance stories :p VII cause it was just EPIC lol). Ok cya next update.


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