Monday, March 22, 2010

So What is the scariest element? I vote H & O

Anyway title references qwaser, being a chem/bio major H as in Hydrogen not H as in H and O as in Oxygen are my choices for the most reactive/useful elements in a fight. I personally don't see why gold is that powerful, it's not that reactive, of course not a common element discussed in chem. classes so I could be missing something there. Anyway some fun treat today...
Fun video day, since I'm board and thought about it. Who doesn't love Horo I mean shes Horo shes just pure awesomeness. Enough fanboy-ness, so what else to say well first video:

Ok well battle item system is almost done in Anime Affection, should finish that up tomorrow or tonight. Also fixed a currently minor bug, and released a new version of Anime Affection on Friday. Almost have hit the big v0.2 mark possibly the v0.3 mark depending on when I finish the battle system, and how "finished" it really is.
So manga wise I have been reading Black God, I like the concept, however I feel that it isn't as well done as it should be and something is missing. It's by no means a bad manga, just seems to be lacking in certain areas, though slowly that is changing in the more recent chaps. Other then that I don't think I have started anything else, I really want to work on W Juliet, but I don't have time in a single weekend to read 21 volumes, and no way in heck am I bringing them to school (esp. since is a cross dressing manga), so I guess I need to suffer until end of the semester. Still have no idea where to put my manga collection it has finally over flowed, I have about 2 shelves over what I have room for :p
FFXIII wise I an 47 hrs or so into it, right before chapter 12, but I have been leveling and doing missions so far I have 22+ missions with a 5 star rating,a nd every character has 3 classes maxed (not actually maxed, but as far as I can currently go). Planning to possibly bet it this coming weekend we'll see I'm getting tired of leveling and it takes forever once you hit the upper areas of the grid. Ok enough with this post I'm done here.

Oh last note I have added quite a few anime/manga talks on my other blog check them out if you have time/want to links on the top of the page, any feedback would be nice.


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