Monday, March 1, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII in < 7 days

Hey need to keep that as the title, I just so cannot wait! So this morning was a great day, maybe/hopefully... or not. Well on the + side I got the new damage system integrated into the main battle system file, and it seems to be working properly though more tests are still needed. Now I just need to finish up the magic system variable getting for the rest of the people besides the player character, which I have started working on, but it will take awhile. Anyway other then that the new version of my website is also going smoothly, I've cleaned up the code and put the new theme look on all the pages, now I just need to do some mods with the colors, and some code changes and it is done.
So anyway FFXIII in less then 7 days so anxious, was actually looking for some more guides/info. today, but not much luck on that, though that's ok I guess. Hm what else oh yes, Itazura na Kiss I have finished up to ep 23, so 2 more episodes. Still love it, though I feel like some of the main romance stuff that existed around wedding/honeymoon has left and it's more about accomplishing there careers, though now it is starting to get a bit more romantic. Next ep is the actual planned ending to the manga, so we will see how that goes. If you didn't know the author of Itazura na Kiss died in an accident in 1999 (Rest in Peace) so the manga was never completed, and never will be, but the anime has an ending based on some notes that she had about the ending. Other then that not much else to says today, so I'll shut up now.


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