Thursday, March 4, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII in < 5 days

Hey another update since I'm board!! So I am currently debating on buying Diablo II, any opinions on that? I think I'll really enjoy it, and it is only $20, but I just don't know... Final Fantasy XIII is in < 5 days, so I have that, though after that week I'll be back at school and not have it to play. At this point I think I will be getting it, but I just don't know. I have played the demo, and like it, though I wanted to try out a sorceress, not barbarian. I just don't know probably will be able to decide by tonight.
Aside form that dilemma, I finished the magic system in the battle system I think it seems to be functioning at the moment. So I have started up the item use system for in battle, which actually should go relatively smoothly...I hope. Anyway once that is done then I'll do guard and flee then summoning. Then everything is done. Then I need to make the A.I. for the enemies and the summons, which will be fun... lol. But that's about it then. I do still need to do animations and graphical work, but the battle system is actually getting closer and closer to completion!!
NOt much else to say started reading some new manga, and trying out Baka to Test anime in a few minutes, but other then that it's the same old stuff. Probably will update when I have FFXIII and let you know what I think, wait anxiously till then.


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