Monday, March 29, 2010

Bloody that title works well consideirng it's Monday :p

So hey what's up? Haven't updated since last weeks so first off I just finished reading the Bloody Monday manga this morning and just finished catching up on season 2. Not really sure if I like it or not, but I have nothing else to read right now so I ended up reading that. Have a new negative happy marriage chapter though which is awesome :D Probably will read that tomorrow.
Let's see over the weekend I beat Final Fantasy XIII finally. Next up is to get the max out each class trophies which I'll have with another 60,000 experience or so. Then I need to work on missions and leveling along with upgrading my weapons. Then final boss battle 5 star and I got the platinum trophy or so I hope. As long as it doesn't take me too long (Red Dead Redemption is the time limit) I am planning to get the platinum trophy in it. I also want to get it in Demon's Soul since I only have like 5 more trophies there.
Not much else to say really I haven't watched much anime lately since my roommate has been in the room most of the time lately :( Was planning to finish up Saki tonight, but that didn't happen. Ok end of post :p


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