Monday, March 15, 2010

Back to school...for 6 or 7 more weeks :(

Hey another update again, since I need to go to class soon, and don't want to start anything before then. So yea FFXIII was fun if you didn't get that from the previous post. Though I can't play it again till Friday night when I get back home from school :( Oh yea reminds me this weekend my friend from Egypt (the country) is coming to visit that should be fun. Other then that not much new to say there.
Programming wise the item system for the battle system is about halfway done, and I'm hopping to finish that this week. Though I have a test and a presentation to finish up, so may not happen. Also a new version of Anime Affection will be put up onto ZA&F probably Thursday, many changes making it a much more playable game, look forward to it. Also ZA&F v7 is going well I think I finally have a color/look I like though I need to get some other opinions 1st. Still planning to have that out during May sometime, though if I get a job (I'm hopping I do) that may also be delayed.
Hm manga wise I finished up reading Otome...something...something (only 8 chapters), It was fun I was expecting more of a high school debut thing, but it wasn't really. Still working on GTO Younger Days, kind of boring the plot has been the same since the beginning, no major developments really at least no so far. Oh yes the big thing is I started watching (Well actually almost finished with) Ef - A Tale of Memories. Love it! Cutesy romance, though I'm not sure where it's planning to go, I'm hopping it goes the more fantasy route, but I have no idea if it will. The other story in it I'm really not sure which girl I like better, I see a Shuffle! Asa/Kaede scene possibly coming up, though can't say for sure. Other then that much else new, I should be getting the 5 manga I won this week, can't wait to see what I get hopefully it's not something I have already (Quite Likely), but who knows. Expect a post with a pic of that up this weekend either on here or ZA&F or both. Well I need to head to class now so cya.


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