Tuesday, March 16, 2010

365 Days of Happyness

Well as you might or might not know I posted awhile ago saying that I finally won the 365 days of manga giveaway, after 156 tries... But how long it took doesn't matter all that matters is persistence payed off and I won in the end. So obviously I won some manga, in this case 5 senien manga! They are: Kaze no Hana volumes 1-3 (Complete), Black God Volume 6, and Those Who Hunt Elves Volume 3. None of which I actually have :O Black God I was thinking about starting so this worked out nicely. If you want to see all the other manga I have go here.
Enough about me, you probably don't care anyway you just want to know how you can win. So without further a due onto info about the contest. Well Jason Thompson, the author of King of RPG, is giving away 5 free manga everyday for a year! Awesome yes, and it's even simpler to win you just need to enter at www.suvudu.com/ and fill out the entry forum on the left side everyday until you win. Wait it gets even better too, if you win you can post a picture of yourself with the 5 manga you won, and Jason will send you another 5 free manga.
Oh if your wondering about his book (King of RPGs) it looks quite good, I haven't actually read it yet, but it sounds promising, and I'll probably be picking it up eventually. If you want to know more about his book go to www.kingofrpgs.com/. There is a preview video along with more about the plot, and some sample pages too I believe.
Well I think that's all I have to say for this post, it's time to go eat and continue working on FFXIII anyway so cya next post. Oh yea my picture (lol almost forgot):

365 Days of Manga: My Winnings
(Click to Enlarge)

Yep that's me, and my 5 new manga to add to my collection, with a piece (around 1/3rd) of my manga collection behind me. Oh yea, if you didn't check out the About Me section, my name's Zachary, but I go by dinoman411 on most sites/games.
If you like anime/manga and are interested I also have an anime/manga discussion blog that I do located at: http://dinoman411-am.blogspot.com/ where I do summaries/mini-reviews on various series, and also an anime based flash game website at: www.zaaf.tk/. Check them out if you want.


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