Monday, February 15, 2010

Still Wish I Knew what was Faster than a Kiss....

Hey again! Board, and can't watch any anime right now :( So what to say well guess I'll start out with Demon's Soul. I have 3-4 levels left at this point and I'm level 71. I also have a +3 Sharp Katana, and a +1 Sticky Compound Long Bow, and a +2 Dark Silver Shield. I finally feel I have gotten decent at Demon's Soul, we'll see if that lasts into New Game+ though 40% harder is...yea.... Well doesn't really matter I enjoy it. Only thing that annoys me if cheap kills, such as attacking and ending up falling to your death cause the character happens to step forward slightly when attacking. But oh well most action games do that so whatever.
Onto manga, I've been working on reading High School Debut and W Juliet, both are shojos, both I enjoy so far. Oh and I also started Hana to Akuma, and all I can say is I absolutely love it, though I am not sure where it is planning to go yet. Anime wise I've been working on Princess Nine, old school anime, with a girl baseball team theme, so far it is quite enjoyable, though a bit slow at parts. Other then that Durarara!! I still don't get where it's planning to go, though that is not a huge surprise.
Oh yea lastly programming, I finally finished debugging for now I think, and I am working on getting back into the battle system. Today I think I finished up the weapon skill setup finally, and now moving onto magic, which I am still trying to figure out how I want to do. Also got sidetracked today and added the special item types to the item display in the menu, along with changing the look of the magic display graphics. I think that is about it, oh yea if you have any good Ideas for a unique white magic spell post it in comments, I need some ideas...Thanks.


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