Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow!! Again . . .

Well Snow Day!...Again. Not totally happy about that. If it snows enough I wouldn't be able to get home this weekend, so no Demon's Soul :( If that's the case it is going to be a long, boring weekend. I expect to semi-finish up the revised damage system probably today or tomorrow depending if I run into any major issues or not. Right now I'm just working on finishing up the magical damage thing, but some of that could be be more difficult to setup then I think, but who knows. Also planning on getting the damage column people in back less damage system (try saying that 3x fast :p ) done, but I need to really think about that one to do that so we'll see if I feel like doing that today... Asside from that nothing new to mention really, but today I have a treat a YouTube video :O I think I am going to start posting fun videos more often if I think of it, because we all love well done amvs (Anime Music Videos) and other videos on youtube.

~Enjoy: dinoman411

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