Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Magic as a Non-Renewable Resource

hey me again! So I got to play more demon's soul this past weekend :D I have definitely gotten better, finished off 1 whole world (3 lvls), on top of 2 other levels. I finally got my katana (right now sharp +2 version), and I got some slightly better armor, along with a cool dark silver shield. I am hopping this weekend to get up to a +5 sharp katana, and a +3 sticky compound long bow. As I mentioned I am almost a pure dex. build, though I do want to go into magic a bit more eventually, but all in due time. Other then that nothing new gaming wise.
Let's see I started watching Saki yesterday (almost halfway at this point), also decided to try learning mahjong, and still want to learn Go, both are hard as heck to find a PC game for, though I did find an online one for mahjong. Lets see also started reading W Juliet, so far enjoyed it, and actually just bought the whole thing off ebay a few hours ago too.
Hm what else, oh yes snow tomorrow, or at least I hope I really want off tomorrow, I want to finish Saki for one, and also work on Anime Affection some more. Speaking of Anime Affection I have debugged a ton, mostly small bugs, but some major ones too. Still have 1 or 2 left to fix, then I need to test again, and de-bug again, but at least this way it should end up being more playable starting with the march release. Well time for me to head out and eat and do my lab stuff so cya.


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