Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Win and I Win Again!

Hey back from an exiting weekend..well exiting in my book. First off friday I finally won the 365 days of manga, manga give away located here: . Basically Jason Thompson (writer of King of RPGs), is giving away his manga collection. Every day he posts a manga review along with the previous days winner for a while year. Basically just fill out the name, address, type u want, and you enter into a random drawing for 5 free manga, and then once you get them you take a pic with them and get 5 more free manga :O quite nice I know. So I finally won after 156 tries :p.
Now the other thing I didn't quiet "win" but close enough, one level is left in demon's soul, and I don't think there is a boss in it! I have also finally hit 99 dexterity and a +5 tearing katana, though I want a sharp more, but oh well I'll get one eventually. Figured next weekend I'll be finishing my first play though up. Next start to level up is endurance so I can actually dodge with my usual equipment. But whatever...
What else...oh yes W Juliet showed up this weekend, now I have one more series in my collection and 14 more volumes. Now I just need to find time to read them, stupid college :p Other then that not much else new really same old stuff, only one test this week, though I have 2 big-ish homework things due Tuesday and Thursday, which so sucks :( Ok now that is it for this post.


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