Sunday, February 28, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII in < 9 days

It's finally here, well soon. Final Fantasy XIII in the US! So cannot wait. Hm what to say it's going to be awesome plan and simple. I'll be getting it on the 9th as soon as the store (EB Games or Toys R' Us)opens. I'm slowly getting tired of Demon's Soul, about halfway through my second play though, big problem there is I die in 1 hit from almost anything :(, which is why the flamelurker is being a problem, I keep getting him down to like 10 or less hits to kill, but he always ends up killing me before I get the final blow. But otherwise the 2nd play through hasn't been too bad, I'm lvl 129 now, but once I get FFXIII chances are I will not be playing Demon's Soul for awhile. But I can probably hit lvl 150 by then maybe. I also have urges to play borderlands more, but Demon's Soul is more tempting in that manner. Other then that nothing new in the gaming world.
On the programming sides of things, the battle system damage system is almost all reworked, though I'm running into issues when merging it into the main file, but I'm still working on debugging it, but I'm hopping by the end of this week that I can get the damage system all reworked, then I want to finish getting the magic system working, which is almost done.
Other then that hm started watching Itzaura na Kiss, which is awesome so far, and planning to finish that up this week sometime. Also finished buying Love*Com and Yu Yu Hakusho Manga, next up I need to get some stray volumes from other series then I think I'll start getting 20th Century Boys and Pluto. Ok I think that is enough talking on this update.


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