Monday, February 1, 2010

Demon's Soul=Death

Yes, I finally got demon's soul...and I am not very good at it. Part of the issue is I am a wanderer for my starter class which supposedly is one of the more difficult classes to be, though I am trying to make a samurai build with some magic too. But back to the basic problem, I am not too good so far, only on level 2 (can get to the boss, and died at this point). It is a much more challenging game then I expected, but it is fun. I've probably died at least 100x already, but I don't really care that much. I also got uncharted 2 though haven't played teh first one yet so that's useless for me at this point. Other then that nothing new on the gaming side of things. Oh wait I did get the water chip in fallout 1 finally!! :D
The pass out system will be done tomorrow in game, and the map has again be re-edited again. The enter car vs building also works great, though later that might have to be altered. Other then that nothing new there. The new version of website is coming along well, I added an image viewer now, and I have a new banner image too, though I still need to re-work the rest of the theme still. No rush for that since no release until April at the earliest, preferably May is when I would like to release it. That is about it for this update.


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