Sunday, February 28, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII in < 9 days

It's finally here, well soon. Final Fantasy XIII in the US! So cannot wait. Hm what to say it's going to be awesome plan and simple. I'll be getting it on the 9th as soon as the store (EB Games or Toys R' Us)opens. I'm slowly getting tired of Demon's Soul, about halfway through my second play though, big problem there is I die in 1 hit from almost anything :(, which is why the flamelurker is being a problem, I keep getting him down to like 10 or less hits to kill, but he always ends up killing me before I get the final blow. But otherwise the 2nd play through hasn't been too bad, I'm lvl 129 now, but once I get FFXIII chances are I will not be playing Demon's Soul for awhile. But I can probably hit lvl 150 by then maybe. I also have urges to play borderlands more, but Demon's Soul is more tempting in that manner. Other then that nothing new in the gaming world.
On the programming sides of things, the battle system damage system is almost all reworked, though I'm running into issues when merging it into the main file, but I'm still working on debugging it, but I'm hopping by the end of this week that I can get the damage system all reworked, then I want to finish getting the magic system working, which is almost done.
Other then that hm started watching Itzaura na Kiss, which is awesome so far, and planning to finish that up this week sometime. Also finished buying Love*Com and Yu Yu Hakusho Manga, next up I need to get some stray volumes from other series then I think I'll start getting 20th Century Boys and Pluto. Ok I think that is enough talking on this update.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow!! Again . . .

Well Snow Day!...Again. Not totally happy about that. If it snows enough I wouldn't be able to get home this weekend, so no Demon's Soul :( If that's the case it is going to be a long, boring weekend. I expect to semi-finish up the revised damage system probably today or tomorrow depending if I run into any major issues or not. Right now I'm just working on finishing up the magical damage thing, but some of that could be be more difficult to setup then I think, but who knows. Also planning on getting the damage column people in back less damage system (try saying that 3x fast :p ) done, but I need to really think about that one to do that so we'll see if I feel like doing that today... Asside from that nothing new to mention really, but today I have a treat a YouTube video :O I think I am going to start posting fun videos more often if I think of it, because we all love well done amvs (Anime Music Videos) and other videos on youtube.

~Enjoy: dinoman411

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Best Online Talkshow Ever lol

Ok, so have a 2 hour delay today, and semi-board this morning, should be working on my Seminar II outline/reference list, but I need a break from working on it, it's too early. So anyway listening to this talk show called SideScrollers on, which is an awesome gaming site. If you want to listen to it here's the link (it is almost 1 hr long though). They have plenty of other amusing things so check it out if you want.
So yea, I've been re-working the battle system damage system some, the luck and dodge system has been re-worked and now work so much better. Though it is so hard to balance a battle system, so it is taking a lot of time, but other then the magic damage the magic system is mostly done. Ok I'm out of things to mention about that.
Other then that started reading GTO: Younger Days, so far so fun, planning to start buying it, but not sure if it is still being released, but I don't know if it is or not, and I don't really like buying things that may never be finished. Nothing else to really mention, but I think that's enough anyway.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Win and I Win Again!

Hey back from an exiting weekend..well exiting in my book. First off friday I finally won the 365 days of manga, manga give away located here: . Basically Jason Thompson (writer of King of RPGs), is giving away his manga collection. Every day he posts a manga review along with the previous days winner for a while year. Basically just fill out the name, address, type u want, and you enter into a random drawing for 5 free manga, and then once you get them you take a pic with them and get 5 more free manga :O quite nice I know. So I finally won after 156 tries :p.
Now the other thing I didn't quiet "win" but close enough, one level is left in demon's soul, and I don't think there is a boss in it! I have also finally hit 99 dexterity and a +5 tearing katana, though I want a sharp more, but oh well I'll get one eventually. Figured next weekend I'll be finishing my first play though up. Next start to level up is endurance so I can actually dodge with my usual equipment. But whatever...
What else...oh yes W Juliet showed up this weekend, now I have one more series in my collection and 14 more volumes. Now I just need to find time to read them, stupid college :p Other then that not much else new really same old stuff, only one test this week, though I have 2 big-ish homework things due Tuesday and Thursday, which so sucks :( Ok now that is it for this post.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Murderously Good at Cooking

Ok, fun title for once :p It you care it's technically from Onidere, but could also relate to a few other series. So anyway started playing Planeshift a good bit again if you don't know what it is it is an MMORPG (with a concentration on the Role Playing part). Fun game, certain things are tedious in it, and in some ways much harder then your traditional MMORPG, but it is totally free, and has insane potential. Right now v0. is out, major updates are about once every 4-6 months or so normally. If you want to check it out go to also if you want to add me my characters name is Shiroro Nalill <- I know awesome name lol :p Other then that I considered starting to play Runes of Magic again, but I just cannot get into it. Enough about games, onto programming...
So I started the magic system in the battle system so far it is actually going surprisingly smoothly, right now you can choose a spell to cast and prepare to cast it, though you cant actually cast it at anyone yet, maybe tomorrow (Have to study tonight 2 tests tomorrow). Hm other then that I removed a big thing I was planning to put in Anime Affection, because a. it's a pain, b. who knows if anyone would care, and c. it would be heck to program/setup. The only thing I want to do at this point before the March release is fix the enter/exit car glitch, but so far that hasn't went well. Not much else to say about that, still trying to come up with a good theme for the next version of my website, but that's going relatively slowly.
Anime/Manga wise same as last update, was in a bad mood yesterday so didn't really watch anything, and today I have been working on getting re-acquainted with Planeshift's systems. Well time for dinner for me so cya next update.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Still Wish I Knew what was Faster than a Kiss....

Hey again! Board, and can't watch any anime right now :( So what to say well guess I'll start out with Demon's Soul. I have 3-4 levels left at this point and I'm level 71. I also have a +3 Sharp Katana, and a +1 Sticky Compound Long Bow, and a +2 Dark Silver Shield. I finally feel I have gotten decent at Demon's Soul, we'll see if that lasts into New Game+ though 40% harder is...yea.... Well doesn't really matter I enjoy it. Only thing that annoys me if cheap kills, such as attacking and ending up falling to your death cause the character happens to step forward slightly when attacking. But oh well most action games do that so whatever.
Onto manga, I've been working on reading High School Debut and W Juliet, both are shojos, both I enjoy so far. Oh and I also started Hana to Akuma, and all I can say is I absolutely love it, though I am not sure where it is planning to go yet. Anime wise I've been working on Princess Nine, old school anime, with a girl baseball team theme, so far it is quite enjoyable, though a bit slow at parts. Other then that Durarara!! I still don't get where it's planning to go, though that is not a huge surprise.
Oh yea lastly programming, I finally finished debugging for now I think, and I am working on getting back into the battle system. Today I think I finished up the weapon skill setup finally, and now moving onto magic, which I am still trying to figure out how I want to do. Also got sidetracked today and added the special item types to the item display in the menu, along with changing the look of the magic display graphics. I think that is about it, oh yea if you have any good Ideas for a unique white magic spell post it in comments, I need some ideas...Thanks.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Magic as a Non-Renewable Resource

hey me again! So I got to play more demon's soul this past weekend :D I have definitely gotten better, finished off 1 whole world (3 lvls), on top of 2 other levels. I finally got my katana (right now sharp +2 version), and I got some slightly better armor, along with a cool dark silver shield. I am hopping this weekend to get up to a +5 sharp katana, and a +3 sticky compound long bow. As I mentioned I am almost a pure dex. build, though I do want to go into magic a bit more eventually, but all in due time. Other then that nothing new gaming wise.
Let's see I started watching Saki yesterday (almost halfway at this point), also decided to try learning mahjong, and still want to learn Go, both are hard as heck to find a PC game for, though I did find an online one for mahjong. Lets see also started reading W Juliet, so far enjoyed it, and actually just bought the whole thing off ebay a few hours ago too.
Hm what else, oh yes snow tomorrow, or at least I hope I really want off tomorrow, I want to finish Saki for one, and also work on Anime Affection some more. Speaking of Anime Affection I have debugged a ton, mostly small bugs, but some major ones too. Still have 1 or 2 left to fix, then I need to test again, and de-bug again, but at least this way it should end up being more playable starting with the march release. Well time for me to head out and eat and do my lab stuff so cya.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs, and More Bugs

Hey update time!! Mainly cause I am board and waiting a few more minutes till I go to lunch. Let's see well I am stuck up at school this weekend because of the snow storm :(, no idea what I am going to do with myself... I really need a break from programming Anime Affection. I have done a lot of relatively major things for the March release already, and today I just started testing and de-bugging it. In which I found a lot of bugs, most are small bugs, but they are still bugs. About halfway done fixing the bugs I found, though after this test I will be testing it again and looking for additional bugs. v7 of my website is also basically complete, I finished setting up the new forum yesterday, and I worked on a few of the pages. Now I basically just need to test and verify it to be xHTML 1.0 complaint, which I know some pages do have error in that way. Though I am not doing that until closer to release (May).
Anyway what else, Bleach, One Piece, Hitman, and Beelzebub were awesome this week :D!! Also watched some anime lets see i finished up Bamboo Blade finally, also finished watching the microbe show that I don't remember the title of, and also finished up Black Heaven too. Now I started, well technically halfway done with, some older anime that I can't remember the title of at this moment. Planning to finish that today or tomorrow, along with start something, maybe I'll continue Sensai, I coud go for something a bit slower paced. Other then that not much more to I'm going to go to lunch now cya.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Demon's Soul=Death

Yes, I finally got demon's soul...and I am not very good at it. Part of the issue is I am a wanderer for my starter class which supposedly is one of the more difficult classes to be, though I am trying to make a samurai build with some magic too. But back to the basic problem, I am not too good so far, only on level 2 (can get to the boss, and died at this point). It is a much more challenging game then I expected, but it is fun. I've probably died at least 100x already, but I don't really care that much. I also got uncharted 2 though haven't played teh first one yet so that's useless for me at this point. Other then that nothing new on the gaming side of things. Oh wait I did get the water chip in fallout 1 finally!! :D
The pass out system will be done tomorrow in game, and the map has again be re-edited again. The enter car vs building also works great, though later that might have to be altered. Other then that nothing new there. The new version of website is coming along well, I added an image viewer now, and I have a new banner image too, though I still need to re-work the rest of the theme still. No rush for that since no release until April at the earliest, preferably May is when I would like to release it. That is about it for this update.