Monday, January 18, 2010

What is Faster than a Kiss?

Hey back at school...and already board and do not want to be here lol. So today was relativity uneventful otherwise, the only major accomplishment ok well 2 accomplishments are, for one I figured out a major setup flaw in flash I was confused on, so now I can re align everything and make it better :D. Secondly I started to strip Nanami in flash, so that I can have various clothing types for her in the game without too much work. So far I must say I am impressed with myself for one she looks human, and better yet she looks decent :O. First time I have ever tried drawing a nude body period, and I must say I am quite proud of myself. Besides that no new news really, same old stuff. I released and update for Anime Affection over on my site, fixed a few bugs and did some graphical and programming changes. So far progression for the next release is going well, I fixed some graphical issues today, and figured out the building thing so I am happy. May update this again tomorrow if I have time/am board so cya then.

This post title is too easy referencing Faster than a Kiss manga. Fun manga cute teacher x student husband wife plot thingy.


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