Friday, January 22, 2010

A new blog and other stuff

So I made another blog because i like just chatting about nothingness on this one. Anyway here's the link for it ( nothing is there yet except an intro. probably will be updating it next week sometime. Basically going to be an anime/manga discussion blog sort of like a summary/opinion thing on various series I have read/seen. I hope it turns out better then the review one I started, of course those took awhile to type up and make sound good this one will be more of a spur of the moment type thing sort of like this blog, but that one will at least have a specific topic lol.
Anyway so today I get to go home in a half hour or so and tonight will probably mostly go to resistance 2 unless I get really pissed at it. I finished up Resistance 1 on Monday, but I don't have my PS3 at college with me so I haven't been able to start the 2nd one yet. So that will probably be most of my weekend, that and Pearl Pink, which finally showed up at my house. Most likely that will be the 1st discussion on my other blog.
Hm what else have I done, oh yes, I finally finished merging in the hospital inside to my game :D and it works, also fixed multiple glitches and bugs along with a totally clean up/re-organization of the various files attached to it. Now I still need to reorganize the external folders, but I'll get to that sometime next week. Other then that I worked on starting v7 of ZA&F which I am planning to release somewhere between April and June, depending on how long various things take.
Oh yea, school well technically college. Finally at the last semester, and actually all my classes except BioChem II seem easy enough, so it should be an easy semester. I have my resume done, now I need to write the cover letter and have someone look at it to review it. My new roommate is nice, though can be quite load, also a CoD and Madden Fanatic :\ I still don't understand the join in either of those really, but whatever I go for game play and story over almost everything, and neither of those really have a story per-say.
Ok this post got long fast so I'll stop talking now.


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