Monday, January 25, 2010

Does Historys Strongest Disciple become History's Strongest Master?

Ok hey back again! School suck, though not difficult but sucks none the less. Anyway so I worked on my game a good bit since my last update, mainly I integrated the hospital, cleaned up old things, and begun work on the Pass Out system witch is about 2/3rds done technically. Though I do need to now make it possible to use items, and also make the coffee sub-system (as I call it). Though first the use item thing needs to be made and tested which I will probably finish this week, then I need to get the 1st person view in the hospital done and I am good. Only other major thing to do before getting back to battle system is simply getting the enter car vs. building glitch fixed, which should not be too difficult...I think. I might also start on the spawning and hitTest unstick thing too, but I am not looking forward to that at all. Also still trying to figure out masks, and still not going particularly well. But I am sure in time I will figure it out.
Other then programming been watching Romeo x Juliet, so far it's good. What can I say I am in the mood for a romance and that is the only one I have that I haven't watched yet. After that I'll probably be working on GTO. Some fun awesome action, watched 5 eps so far and although not as good as the manga still awesome.
Ok I am babbling at this point so I'll shut up, cya next update.


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