Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What is Negative Happy? Would that be the same as Sad?

Ok Back from vacation! Anime titles are back in my post. This one can actually refer to a few different anime or mangas, in the end I guess that makes it easier to guess :p
Anyway break was awesome, so calm and relaxing, most of this week will be calm too, same with next week. Then it is onto finals, then it's over thank god!
Hm so I worked on flash some got most of the hospital room 1st person perspective done, though it still needs to be colored. That's about all I have done with that, this weekend was just relaxing, gaming, and a 42" 1080p Plasma tv :p. Oh I also got Fallout Trilogy (1,2, and tactics). Must say so far I do see why many say Fallout 3 is nothing compared to the originals. There is much more strategy and thinking involved in the originals, while the 3rd was mostly just guns blazing. That's not to say I don't like Fallout 3, I love it, but I also love the originals too so far.
Not much else to mention except I continued watching Tytania again today, and plan on finishing it up probably by Thursday!
Well that's about it for this update, I really should finish up this lab report now.

~ Any idea what anime/manga the title is from? Post in comments, I'll update next update to let you know the answer.


Ok this title technically came from the manga "Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge", but there is also Negative Happy Marriage, and possibly another one it could have came from. Both of them are fun, Chainsaw edge is more of an action romance story, while marriage I don't know what to make out of so far, only 3 chapters have been scanlated. So far though it seems like a a romance.


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