Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Late Christmas, and Happy Early New Year!

First off last title I made while thinking of Faster than a Kiss and Please Teacher! Both of which I absolutely love. If you never heard of either check them out there decent/good, if you want to know more check out the previous post.
Anyway, as I figured I didn't update forever again, always forget/don't feel like updating this when I'm home. Anyway I know it is late, but Merry Christmas, hope you got what you wanted, I know I mostly did. Also since who knows when I'll update again Happy New Years.
So anyway my game (Anime Affection) has been progressing slowly, I've been working 40ish hour weeks, so I haven't gotten tons done. Though the hospital inside is done graphically, though I'm still working on coding it. Also probably will fix a few bugs hopefully before the January update (15th-ish). Who knows what I will have done by then PS3 is keeping me busy along with work and anime/manga (have way too many started right now lol). I think that is about it for this update, cya some time.


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