Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fatherly Love is Dislocating and then Relocating your Sons Joints

First off last title was form Sundome volume 7, check out the previous post for more information.
Ok that aside, this week is almost over :D thank god, too much to do, and then next week is finals, but after that I get a month off, which is great! Anyway the first person view for the hospital room for my game I think is done, or almost done, then I just need to finish the rest of the hospital, and that can be added. Day/Night system still hasn't been integrated, but I will probably be doing that sometime soon, other then that not too much more to say.
I ordered half of my Christmas gifts to myself yesterday, it's an awesome Mio from K'On figure. (See it Here). Other half depends on what RightStuf has on sale for Christmas, probably will be ordering that stuff on Friday or Saturday, the plan is Clannad box sets and Kanon box set, though again depends whats on sale.
I've also noticed I've slowly been getting dragged into manga more then anime, but that could be due to just no anime currently exciting me that much. Though I am backed up on anime due to all this work, but I always seem to find time for manga :p
Well that's about all I can say, I'm going to get back to studying now...maybe.

~ Any idea what anime/manga the title is from? Post in comments, I'll update next update to let you know the answer.


The title of this post was from AIKI. If you have never heard of it it is basically about a guy who is a martial arts genius. When he was younger (teens?) his father poisoned him one night and then while he was sleeping he dislocated all of his joints and relocated them, but shifted them over a few mm so that his joints would dislocate if he put too much strain on them. Basically set a power limiter on him, so he could only use 50% of his power. The best part I think about this manga is the main character actually feels super powerful, especially if you remember he is limited to 50% (later 60-70%) of his original power. Most mangas the main character never truly feels all powerful, since there is always a more powerful enemy which we must overcome, but this one we start out insanely powerful, and most everyone who is "powerful" is weak when compared to him. Ok I so typed more then I wanted to there, if you want to know more read it, I will warn you however there is decent bits of nudity in it.


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