Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day! - No Anime Related Title Today :(

Happy Turkey Day Everyone!


Almost forgot last posts title was from Spice and Wolf II, if you never heard of it check it out.

---End Edit---

Not much new to say today, I get a new TV tomorrow :D (42" 1080p Plasma), finally HD PS3! From the programming aspect of things I finished the testing on the Day/Night system, and that is ready to be integrated into the main game (might do that today). Also I have done some graphical changes which I feel really improve some inside areas, also somehow shrunk the file size down by ~50kB somehow :O I am also finally making a new signature for my email address, and if all goes well also possibly a HD background for my laptop, maybe even I could use that for my title banner on my blog...probably not unless I change by blog theme... well whatever I'll see when I finish it. The base is a Spice and Wolf background, but I am incorporating other anime characters into it, trying to make it all fit together, so far it is going surprisingly well.
On a final note Sundome manga Volume 6 came out :D Sundome is an awesomely fun manga, although extremely ecchi and its for the 18+ audience, though so far very little nudity, but the themes are there constantly. If you want to know more check it out here: Manga-Updates.
That is it for this update, remember have a nice Thanksgiving and what not. Cya next Update.


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