Monday, November 16, 2009

Near Death by Overweight Girl After a Love Confession Goes Horribly Wrong

Well if you didn't look at the edit in the last post the answer was that the title of this post is referring to Sanae Nakajima powers in Sumomomo Momomo. In this show Sanae got stronger as her cloths fell off/taken off/destroyed.
Ok aside from that not much new to say, probably Wednesday I'll be updating my game, though possibly tomorrow depending how long my plan physiology lab takes. I got 2 tests back both I did well on :D. Um day/night system I have mostly planned out at this point, just need to program and test it now. Oh yea I also bought Sins of a Solar Empire too, love it, still getting used to it, but I'm enjoying myself I needed a good RTS to play. Not much else to report Thankgiving is next week, oh yea forgot I finally get a 42" 1080p Plasama TV on black friday :D (Fallout HD lol finally :p ), also shoudl finally have a relaxing break form school for that bit off, thank god. I think that's about all I have to say, I have a test to study for which I should start doing soon...

~ Any idea what anime/manga the title is from? Post in comments, I'll update next update to let you know the answer.


The Title is from Girls Saurus and the Sequel Girls Saurus DX, where just that happens, the main character is put into a hospital for 1 month due to a overweight girl confessing her love to him naked, and ends up trampling/beating him up. Due to this he becomes deathly afraid of girls. Decent manga, fun at a lot of parts, also ecchi at other parts, and it is a harem.


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