Monday, November 9, 2009

My Love is a Stapler

Hey,I have had an idea that from now on my titles will be little things from 1 or more anime or manga I've recently watched/read, and in the comments you can guess what it's from. Then 1-2 days later I'll put the answer in the post. Why? Why not? Maybe I'll keep a score on who gets it right, why?, no reason probably just for fun. Well anyway today was fun, finished catching up on Addicted to Curry, and worked on Ippo some more. However didn't have time for much anime, but next week should be super easy I think. This week however is hell I have a test Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday :( . Next week I will also be updating the game on my site (, mostly a glitch fix update, but there are some programming and possibly graphical changes/additions depending on if I get anything more done this week, though I doubt I will get much more done. After that I should probably have a decent update in January or February, hopefully adding in some new/revised systems, and more fixes. I also am planning to get the tutorial and start of the story system too, but no guarantees on that. Other then that battle system is actually progressing again I finally got the major bug I was stuck on fixed :O :D , so we're one more step to getting that done!! Ok I think that's it for this update, cya next time.

So what anime and/or manga does the title relate too?
Guess in the comments, I'll give the right answer out next update.

---- Edit

If you guessed K'On your right. "My Love is a Stapler" is the title of one of the songs they performed to welcome the new freshman.

~ dinoman411

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