Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Explodding Cannons and a Santa Outfit

Yes you read it right exploding cannons. So who would make an exploding cannon? You know you would think once they found out about that slight defect they would I don't know try to repair it, but that's just my thought on that. By the way exploding cannon is from Tytania, aka space opera anime. Started watching it today so far it's quite fun, I have high hopes for it. Ok the second part of the title, have any guesses? Ok well too many shows have that what if i say Mio 4 ever, anyone? K'on that's right watched the Christmas ep today, quite fun actually very fun show, and somewhat random which makes everything fun.
Onto the usual stuff, today biochem lab sucked, got 1/3rd of it done...but hopefully next week we will have enough time to finish it, I hope... Other then that though awesome day, did you know blue dye #1 can help with spinal cord injury if injected basically right after the injury, I know its cool isn't it. That was my interesting fact of the day, besides that not much else school wise today which is always a good thing. I just want this semester to end already and school in general, but I just keep telling myself it's almost over, another month then another 4 months or so after that, then it is all over, thank god, so tired of this.
Other exciting things of today is new My Girl Chapter, and Mysterious Girlfriend X chap and extra :D + a Rosario + Vampire II chap, and Super Dreadnought girl chap too. Awesome manga day, so much fun! Also started reading Let's Lagoon, so far it seems interesting enough to keep me interested, but we'll see how that pains out. Also yesterday started Happy Negative Marriage, so far this has been extremely promising. Negative happy however is an adult, along with all the other manga this author wrote, but i started reading another one of his works which is hm how to say is unique, I'm not sure if I'm really into the other one or not, but its decent. Ok I think I talked enough so I'm going to shut up now.

~ dinoman411

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