Friday, November 13, 2009

Clothing Amount is Indirectly Proportional to Power Level

Hey, Ok so if you want to know what the last title was from it was K'On. More details has been added to that post, but there's a quick mention of it if your too lazy to scroll down.
Ok anyway now that that is out of the way update time. Not much new except the week from hell is over finally. I think all my tests went well except today's Plant Physiology test I'm not too sure about... New week I should finally have some free time again, thank god, so I will finally get to finish watching K'On and also hopefully get further in making my game. Anyway next week sometime there will be an update to my flash game, so if you want to play it check out my site at: This update fixes many bugs, and also changes a few minor things. Unfortunately I'm partially reworking the day/night system again, so that wouldn't be coming out this update, but should be out next update (December/January). The battle system although I finally fixed the major bug I've been stuck on I haven't worked on it much, partially due to the day/night system and mostly due to my 3 tests this week. Other then that I don't think anything new to say, I am finally graduating college in May :D so hopefully once I have a job I'll be able to finally be making money instead of losing money :p Ok that's it for this update.

~ Any idea what anime/manga the title is from? Post in comments, I'll update next week to let you know the answer.


The title of this post is referring to Sanae Nakajima powers in Sumomomo Momomo. In this show Sanae got stronger as her cloths fell off/taken off/destroyed.

~ dinoman411

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