Saturday, November 21, 2009

1000 Treeni Silver for the Love of Your Life

If you didn't look at the last post the previous title was from The Title is from Girls Saurus and the Sequel Girls Saurus DX. For more information read the previous post.
Ok well I'm stuck at school this weekend...god help me... My roommate is being annoying as heck, to make a long story short demos are the devil. For the long story basically I bought Sins of a Solar Empire on Monday (love it, though different from other rts's I've played), anyway my roomate saw it thought it looked like fun so he downloaded the demo (had a time limit for game-play). First the funny things, it seems that he thinks he's fighting real people, not the computer... Ok that's about the only funny thing the rest is annoying. he has played the demo at least 10 times, only winning a few times, but he thinks he is great at it. He also keeps freaking out yelling out load at the other "players", and he also has an urge to tell me almost every move he makes. He also believes that if him and I teamed up we would be invincible, he loses half the time within an hr, if he fought real players he would get totally destroyed (haven't played online yet, but from previous rts online experience that would be my guess). Ok that's basically my rant on my roommate annoying the heck out of me this weekend.
Other then that not much new, my website has been updated finally, also the day/night system for my game is working for the most part, still needs some work, but I'm planning to finish it this weekend. Anime wise I started Spice and Wolf 2 and all I have to say is Horo 4 Ever!!! lol Also been working on Tytania and all I can say there is Die Tytania >:O.
Well I think that is all I have to say for this update, a bit long, but o well not like anyone reads this as far as I am aware :(

~ Any idea what anime/manga the title is from? Post in comments, I'll update next update to let you know the answer.


Ok this title was easy, its from Spice and Wolf II. If you haven't watched either the original or the sequel you should, its very very good, although most of it is slow paced. The characters are awesome, and we'll Horo 4 ever!!! :p


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