Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day! - No Anime Related Title Today :(

Happy Turkey Day Everyone!


Almost forgot last posts title was from Spice and Wolf II, if you never heard of it check it out.

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Not much new to say today, I get a new TV tomorrow :D (42" 1080p Plasma), finally HD PS3! From the programming aspect of things I finished the testing on the Day/Night system, and that is ready to be integrated into the main game (might do that today). Also I have done some graphical changes which I feel really improve some inside areas, also somehow shrunk the file size down by ~50kB somehow :O I am also finally making a new signature for my email address, and if all goes well also possibly a HD background for my laptop, maybe even I could use that for my title banner on my blog...probably not unless I change by blog theme... well whatever I'll see when I finish it. The base is a Spice and Wolf background, but I am incorporating other anime characters into it, trying to make it all fit together, so far it is going surprisingly well.
On a final note Sundome manga Volume 6 came out :D Sundome is an awesomely fun manga, although extremely ecchi and its for the 18+ audience, though so far very little nudity, but the themes are there constantly. If you want to know more check it out here: Manga-Updates.
That is it for this update, remember have a nice Thanksgiving and what not. Cya next Update.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

1000 Treeni Silver for the Love of Your Life

If you didn't look at the last post the previous title was from The Title is from Girls Saurus and the Sequel Girls Saurus DX. For more information read the previous post.
Ok well I'm stuck at school this weekend...god help me... My roommate is being annoying as heck, to make a long story short demos are the devil. For the long story basically I bought Sins of a Solar Empire on Monday (love it, though different from other rts's I've played), anyway my roomate saw it thought it looked like fun so he downloaded the demo (had a time limit for game-play). First the funny things, it seems that he thinks he's fighting real people, not the computer... Ok that's about the only funny thing the rest is annoying. he has played the demo at least 10 times, only winning a few times, but he thinks he is great at it. He also keeps freaking out yelling out load at the other "players", and he also has an urge to tell me almost every move he makes. He also believes that if him and I teamed up we would be invincible, he loses half the time within an hr, if he fought real players he would get totally destroyed (haven't played online yet, but from previous rts online experience that would be my guess). Ok that's basically my rant on my roommate annoying the heck out of me this weekend.
Other then that not much new, my website has been updated finally, also the day/night system for my game is working for the most part, still needs some work, but I'm planning to finish it this weekend. Anime wise I started Spice and Wolf 2 and all I have to say is Horo 4 Ever!!! lol Also been working on Tytania and all I can say there is Die Tytania >:O.
Well I think that is all I have to say for this update, a bit long, but o well not like anyone reads this as far as I am aware :(

~ Any idea what anime/manga the title is from? Post in comments, I'll update next update to let you know the answer.


Ok this title was easy, its from Spice and Wolf II. If you haven't watched either the original or the sequel you should, its very very good, although most of it is slow paced. The characters are awesome, and we'll Horo 4 ever!!! :p


Monday, November 16, 2009

Near Death by Overweight Girl After a Love Confession Goes Horribly Wrong

Well if you didn't look at the edit in the last post the answer was that the title of this post is referring to Sanae Nakajima powers in Sumomomo Momomo. In this show Sanae got stronger as her cloths fell off/taken off/destroyed.
Ok aside from that not much new to say, probably Wednesday I'll be updating my game, though possibly tomorrow depending how long my plan physiology lab takes. I got 2 tests back both I did well on :D. Um day/night system I have mostly planned out at this point, just need to program and test it now. Oh yea I also bought Sins of a Solar Empire too, love it, still getting used to it, but I'm enjoying myself I needed a good RTS to play. Not much else to report Thankgiving is next week, oh yea forgot I finally get a 42" 1080p Plasama TV on black friday :D (Fallout HD lol finally :p ), also shoudl finally have a relaxing break form school for that bit off, thank god. I think that's about all I have to say, I have a test to study for which I should start doing soon...

~ Any idea what anime/manga the title is from? Post in comments, I'll update next update to let you know the answer.


The Title is from Girls Saurus and the Sequel Girls Saurus DX, where just that happens, the main character is put into a hospital for 1 month due to a overweight girl confessing her love to him naked, and ends up trampling/beating him up. Due to this he becomes deathly afraid of girls. Decent manga, fun at a lot of parts, also ecchi at other parts, and it is a harem.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Clothing Amount is Indirectly Proportional to Power Level

Hey, Ok so if you want to know what the last title was from it was K'On. More details has been added to that post, but there's a quick mention of it if your too lazy to scroll down.
Ok anyway now that that is out of the way update time. Not much new except the week from hell is over finally. I think all my tests went well except today's Plant Physiology test I'm not too sure about... New week I should finally have some free time again, thank god, so I will finally get to finish watching K'On and also hopefully get further in making my game. Anyway next week sometime there will be an update to my flash game, so if you want to play it check out my site at: This update fixes many bugs, and also changes a few minor things. Unfortunately I'm partially reworking the day/night system again, so that wouldn't be coming out this update, but should be out next update (December/January). The battle system although I finally fixed the major bug I've been stuck on I haven't worked on it much, partially due to the day/night system and mostly due to my 3 tests this week. Other then that I don't think anything new to say, I am finally graduating college in May :D so hopefully once I have a job I'll be able to finally be making money instead of losing money :p Ok that's it for this update.

~ Any idea what anime/manga the title is from? Post in comments, I'll update next week to let you know the answer.


The title of this post is referring to Sanae Nakajima powers in Sumomomo Momomo. In this show Sanae got stronger as her cloths fell off/taken off/destroyed.

~ dinoman411

Monday, November 9, 2009

My Love is a Stapler

Hey,I have had an idea that from now on my titles will be little things from 1 or more anime or manga I've recently watched/read, and in the comments you can guess what it's from. Then 1-2 days later I'll put the answer in the post. Why? Why not? Maybe I'll keep a score on who gets it right, why?, no reason probably just for fun. Well anyway today was fun, finished catching up on Addicted to Curry, and worked on Ippo some more. However didn't have time for much anime, but next week should be super easy I think. This week however is hell I have a test Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday :( . Next week I will also be updating the game on my site (, mostly a glitch fix update, but there are some programming and possibly graphical changes/additions depending on if I get anything more done this week, though I doubt I will get much more done. After that I should probably have a decent update in January or February, hopefully adding in some new/revised systems, and more fixes. I also am planning to get the tutorial and start of the story system too, but no guarantees on that. Other then that battle system is actually progressing again I finally got the major bug I was stuck on fixed :O :D , so we're one more step to getting that done!! Ok I think that's it for this update, cya next time.

So what anime and/or manga does the title relate too?
Guess in the comments, I'll give the right answer out next update.

---- Edit

If you guessed K'On your right. "My Love is a Stapler" is the title of one of the songs they performed to welcome the new freshman.

~ dinoman411

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Unknown Bugs, and Null Wind

All the weekly shonen mangas I read (Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Hitman, etc...) came out today so it's been a great day in that regard. Also started watching Tytania yesterday, so far I like it quite a bit, though not sure where its planning to go, but that's half the fun of it. Also as usual One Piece was fun, seems the main battle in the war is starting up, so it should be getting more and more EPIC! Bleach was interesting, we found out a few major things, and well Naruto was Naruto. All the others were also fun as usual! So on a side note i started reading Hajime no Ippo yesterday, for those of you that don't know its a boxing manga that's 800+ chapters and ongoing :O So far I do really like it has a nice blend of comedy action, etc...
Other then that I worked on my flash game some...didn't go well, there's a bug, well has existed for awhile, and I have no idea what the issue is... Kind of need to fix it before I continue working on the battle system, so who knows when that will ever be fixed... Other then that though flash has been going well the new day/night system is almost done, along with the graphics for the inside of the hospital. Ok I think that's all I have to say.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Explodding Cannons and a Santa Outfit

Yes you read it right exploding cannons. So who would make an exploding cannon? You know you would think once they found out about that slight defect they would I don't know try to repair it, but that's just my thought on that. By the way exploding cannon is from Tytania, aka space opera anime. Started watching it today so far it's quite fun, I have high hopes for it. Ok the second part of the title, have any guesses? Ok well too many shows have that what if i say Mio 4 ever, anyone? K'on that's right watched the Christmas ep today, quite fun actually very fun show, and somewhat random which makes everything fun.
Onto the usual stuff, today biochem lab sucked, got 1/3rd of it done...but hopefully next week we will have enough time to finish it, I hope... Other then that though awesome day, did you know blue dye #1 can help with spinal cord injury if injected basically right after the injury, I know its cool isn't it. That was my interesting fact of the day, besides that not much else school wise today which is always a good thing. I just want this semester to end already and school in general, but I just keep telling myself it's almost over, another month then another 4 months or so after that, then it is all over, thank god, so tired of this.
Other exciting things of today is new My Girl Chapter, and Mysterious Girlfriend X chap and extra :D + a Rosario + Vampire II chap, and Super Dreadnought girl chap too. Awesome manga day, so much fun! Also started reading Let's Lagoon, so far it seems interesting enough to keep me interested, but we'll see how that pains out. Also yesterday started Happy Negative Marriage, so far this has been extremely promising. Negative happy however is an adult, along with all the other manga this author wrote, but i started reading another one of his works which is hm how to say is unique, I'm not sure if I'm really into the other one or not, but its decent. Ok I think I talked enough so I'm going to shut up now.

~ dinoman411

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Alive or Dead?

Well as usual no update over the weekend to busy with work, Fallout 3, and Borderlands, but I'm back. Today and tomorrow will suck biochem prelab due tom. though just finished that up, and 2 yes 2 biochem labs due on Tuesday...god help me... Anyway so yes tomorrow I will have no life, but after that most of the rest of the week is easy enough, I think. Ok I would talk more, but to tired right now to care I still need to study a bit for biochem quiz tonight, so I'm done updating here.