Sunday, October 25, 2009

Who is Bink and Should He Be Drinking Sake?

Hey everyone, didn't post anything for awhile, but kind of figured that, was playing Borderlands, Fallout 3 and Resistance most of the weekend. Anyway BioChem quiz tomorrow :( but I think I'll be ok with it, anyway anyone get the title? That's right its sort of One Piece-ish lol, anyway if you didn't knwo and you care One Piece streams weekly (Saturday 11pm EST) Here its free, its decent res and quality and it's completely legal, if you go to funmations site they also have quite a few other shows too.
Anyway so today I started readying the manga "My Girl" Guy finds out his girlfriend (who he hasnt seen in yrs - shes oevrseas for school) has died, find out that she had his child, and he takes her in. That's about it only the 1st 10 chaps are scanlated, but so far I've really enjoyed it it conveys certain feelings very well. Also started reading Usagi Drops which is similar, and good, but not quite the same as My Girl. Anyway if you like that type of story check either out both are decent.
That's about all I have to say now, so yea cya tomorrow maybe...

P.S. Oh, and if there are any manga simular to eitehr of these and they are semi scanlated let me know I would love to read them, also any manga or anime you would like an opinion on post a comment and if I've seen/read it I'll give my opinions/reviews.
Probably going to make this blog into some sort of anime/manga talk/review/info. site but who knows I'm not the best out of writing reviews because I can see good in almost everything, that and certain things like art style/look I in general don't care about.

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