Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why doesn't White Beard have a white beard?

I know that is a great question that is quite puzzling...White mustache makes scene, but not white beard. If anyone didn't get that that's about One Piece. One Piece manga chapter was once again epic this week more new developments, which is making it more "How is this arc going to end?" Bleach on the other hand was a yea... chapter, not a bad yea... necessarily, but just a yea... Some part of bleach feels like Kubo changing everyone fighting levels around, now can't say if he really did this until a few more chaps, but this chap made it feel that way. Though could also be the scanlation group, not my normal one, so I'll probably re-read it when they release it, to check and make sure they didn't just translate things differently. Other then that today was overall a good day, though now i need to do 2 biochem. labs for Tuesday :( and maybe a prelab, which I'm going to try to finish all of by tomorrow night so I can have a relaxing weekend for once. That's all I have to say, I think, cya.

~ dinoman411

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