Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sideways 8 = ?

Another day another 24 hours. Well today was amusing, I presented in Senior Sem. 1 today, got an A, I know I'm a genius, lol. Anyway other then that got to play with a cool program in BioChem. lab, built molecules :O it was fun. Other then that not much to report today, playing Runes of Magic right now, doing nothing waiting for a boss to spawn. So boring.... Anyway tonight I'll be updating my other blog probably with my 1st review of...I don't know what yet, but if you check it out you'll find out here the link: Z A & M Reviews Hey I just noticed I'm the only one in my party that has an actual name (Kokoro, know what anime/manga that's from?, bet you probably don't, post in comments if you do though or think you do). Ok I think that's all I have to say, don't forget to check out my review blog tonight, something will be there I hope.

~ dinoman411

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