Thursday, June 11, 2009


Well I got [PROTOTYPE] yesterday, and so far I am enjoying it despite what people say it actually is a very entertaining game, though teh side event things aren't the best, but whatever. I also do have inFAMOUS and so we all know I think both are good games in there own ways. inFAMOUS is good, but has some glitches that annoy the hell of me (aka. Sliding/Floating ontop of the ground in some places). So I'm also starting to play Voyage Century again along with Grandio Espada, which i hope will keep me enterained I'm sort of in a boardom slump right now. I've also started working on my game more, right now I'm working on reworking the damage and selection systems so you can attack/do damage to multiple enemies, and allow for damage overtime (aka Poison), all of which are being....hell, but going better then I expected. Other then that not much else is new, same old junk different day. Work also sucks I've been working 6 days a week :(