Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The FallOut of FallOut

Yes, I still exists, I really need to learn to update this more... Anyway I'll just make teh excuse that Fallout 3 took over my life for teh last 20+ days, which is partially true... Anyway so it was annonced yesterday that Fallout 3 game of teh year edition would have all teh downladable contents included with it, which means (*angry face*) it's cheaper to get that then download them seperatly, so I'm selling my copy of fallout and am going to go get that when it comes out. Yea I'll lose some money but hey can't win them all. Anyway also the fallout dlc's are comming out for the PS3 finally :D
Infamous also comes out next week which is awsome, though I'm still more anxious for prototype :p But Infamous is cool too...I hope demo is tommarow so I guess I'll know then.
Vacation is on friday for me too, which means no Infamous right when it comes out :( but hopefully vacation will be fun, going to North Carolina with the family.

Thank Sums up that,

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