Thursday, April 2, 2009

You've got a Creepy Scottish Accent...dude

Ok, I hope you enjoyed that I know I did. Most of what hes done I think is a done really well and quite amusing lol. Anyway what else do I have to say hm... O yes I now have 3 anime figures in my collection :D Awsome I know, I'm so pumped that I won the auction that just ended like 30 minutes ago on ebay. That amde my week.
Ok enough of that onto more pressing matters hm...Well I finally got back into programming my game, I've been working on the story and the video sequences, along with working on reprogramming the battle system damage calcuations. Which is like 1000x harder then it sounds lol as I discovered. Other then that not much getting done, but actually soon it might be possible to have a fully functioning battle system if everything keeps going as it is, which I think it will I hope.
I think that's all my side notes for now, o wait I am still playing Entropia, but I've cut it down to 1-2hrs/night so I have time for anime, manga, and programming lol. Still Hopping to get some money in Entroipa though I do understand the chances are slim :(

Well Thats's it for this Post

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