Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well I came across this totally by accident a few minutes ago, and must say its pure winsomeness :p Ubunchu! It's a free online manga about well a club that starts usign Ubuntu (a popular linux distro), in which version 9 comes out shortly! This caught my eye because at one point i used Ubuntu some and had it on one of my computers at home, but due to certain things (not ubuntu's fault), I ended up getting rid of it. Currently I do want to go back to Ubuntu on one of my home desktops, but I'm waiting for version 9 which comes out early next month i belive. Anyway you should go check ou Ubunchu manga you can find it in both japaneese and english online places might take some looking, but I found it rather quickly. Also if your interted in Ubuntu heres the site http://www.ubuntu.com/.


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