Monday, April 27, 2009

Emerging from Hell

Yea! 1 more day and I'm out of this place for the summer! Never again do I have to put up with drunk idiots punching holes in my door, or keeping me up till 4am. Nevermore, for the end is near :p Anyway haven't posted for what feels like ages. So um lets talk about me. Two finals 1 today and 1 tomorrow then I get to go home to my nice quite house and play my PS3. I'm on challenge node in Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, which is quite challenging, but now that I'm used to the weapons it's not too bad. After thats finished up I get to start Fallout 3, and also get Valkyria Chronicles and play that. I can't wait, my goal is to finish Ratchet and Clank by this weekend or so, well see though depends how hard the skill points are. I'm actually not looking forward to fallout as much as I thought I would be, instead I'm anxious to play Valkyria Chronicles. Other then that not much else is new finished Allison and Lillia, if you never saw it you should it's a ratehr slowish paced anime that's rather belivable for the most part. Thats about it, need to finish studying for my final which is in 1.5 hrs so cya.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well I came across this totally by accident a few minutes ago, and must say its pure winsomeness :p Ubunchu! It's a free online manga about well a club that starts usign Ubuntu (a popular linux distro), in which version 9 comes out shortly! This caught my eye because at one point i used Ubuntu some and had it on one of my computers at home, but due to certain things (not ubuntu's fault), I ended up getting rid of it. Currently I do want to go back to Ubuntu on one of my home desktops, but I'm waiting for version 9 which comes out early next month i belive. Anyway you should go check ou Ubunchu manga you can find it in both japaneese and english online places might take some looking, but I found it rather quickly. Also if your interted in Ubuntu heres the site


Sunday, April 5, 2009

PS3 for Me!

Yes, that is right I finally got my PS3 today. Though I do not have any games right now I at least have the system, next weekend though I'll be getting Fallout 3 and Ratchet and Clank Future Tools of Destruction! It's been a good week in general, I got my Mizuho (Please Teacher) figure, I won the Ringo (Air Gear) figure auction, I got a PS3, what more could one ask for oh and I got Chibi Vampire Vol 13 today too which is another huge +. lol Now if only I could find a large mining finding in Entropia tonight it would be the ultimate week! Only problem with getting teh PS3 is i go back to college today, so I don't get to play it until next weekend :( which obviously really sucks :(
Other then that nothing else new.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

You've got a Creepy Scottish Accent...dude

Ok, I hope you enjoyed that I know I did. Most of what hes done I think is a done really well and quite amusing lol. Anyway what else do I have to say hm... O yes I now have 3 anime figures in my collection :D Awsome I know, I'm so pumped that I won the auction that just ended like 30 minutes ago on ebay. That amde my week.
Ok enough of that onto more pressing matters hm...Well I finally got back into programming my game, I've been working on the story and the video sequences, along with working on reprogramming the battle system damage calcuations. Which is like 1000x harder then it sounds lol as I discovered. Other then that not much getting done, but actually soon it might be possible to have a fully functioning battle system if everything keeps going as it is, which I think it will I hope.
I think that's all my side notes for now, o wait I am still playing Entropia, but I've cut it down to 1-2hrs/night so I have time for anime, manga, and programming lol. Still Hopping to get some money in Entroipa though I do understand the chances are slim :(

Well Thats's it for this Post