Monday, March 16, 2009

A Universe of Endless Possibilities or so They Say

Well, I've started playing Entropia Universe, if you don't know what that is look it up on google. Simply put it's a huge futuristic MMORPG with a real economy system aka 1 PED (in game money)=$0.10 (USD), thus you can deposit and withdraw money freely. The sent of profit is what pulled me in, that and I finally got a computer that will be able to run it just fine, so far not too exciting, but i expect that to change eventually. Been dying and sweating, yes sweating, basically suck up sweat from creatures, for the last 2 days. And right now I have 10 PED to my name, 1000 Sweat only goes for 5 PED. Now I want to put a deposit in of $10 to get 100 PED, but they don't take paypal :( so at least until the month ends I cannot put any money in. The plan is to start hunting once I have 15 PED, I can get a rifle and a good bit of ammo with that. Then hopefully I'll leave my sweat days behind and move onto something more interesting, or so that's the plan. Otherwise that's about all I have new information wise.

If you want to try Entropia Universe Search for it at google or search for Planet Calypso, same thing. It's potentially fun, and free to play with many many skills to learn, but it is a rather difficult MMORPG so be warned.


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